Wednesday, July 20, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

Bush sure can pick em..

May i start out by saying that I firmly believe that Bush rushed to judgement on this nomination ONLY to get his boy Karl Rove off the front pages...i would bet my life on it.

John Roberts has only been a judge for and year and a half...thats it folks!!! Somehow i just dont see this guy as a seasoned jurist with a whopping 18 months on the you?..he was of course appointed by Bushie to the appeals court in 2003...I wouldnt feel too comfortable getting an opinion from a doctor that had only been in practice for 18 months and i feel becoming a supreme court justice requires a certain amount of experience, you dont put rookies in a position of authority right out of the gate..

He is as far right as you can get, he has MORE experience as a lobbyist for the religious right and as a corporate attorney than anything else. He staunchly believes that Roe v. Wade should be overturned and wrote numerous papers on this topic.

He believes the Enviornmental protection act goes to far, and it needs to be curtailed..he believes that public schools should not only allow prayer but enforce its practice, he has lobbyed to destroy the Voting Rights Act, he has attempted to protect strip mining operations and this one is my true favorite...he worked for Ken remember Ken Starr, the man that spent millions of tax dollars digging around for SOMETHING to nail Clinton on regarding the "white water" fiasco...which never panned out but cost the taxpayers a bloody fortune..that witch hunt went on for years and the only result was one individual going to jail for refusing to talk before ol Kenny and his pals, her name was Susan and she finally got out of jail after they told Ken Starr to take a fucking about overzealous right wing nut jobs..Ken Starr's picture should be in the dictionary under that term...

anyways....we are in a heap of trouble sportsfans..Roberts is a true right wing corporate suit who's allegiance is to big money,the religious right and nothing else..

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Leslie said...

YAY!!! Eric Clapton and B.B.King!! I LOVE them!!!!!!!! Ridin' With The King is awesome!! My kinda music!!

Jerry said...

Bush did that just as you say to get his "butt-boy" Rove off the TV news. Going now to read about Genetics.

Vavoom said...

How are we supposed to evaluate the judicial philosophy of someone that's had few legal opinions written?