Thursday, July 07, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

The hapless "Anti-All Star' Team

look..even if you DON'T like baseball this article is any standards. It gives us a look into the idiots that make a helluva lot of money playing a "game" ,boys and girls..with all the nasty things happening in the world a good laugh is important..some of these guys are downright pathetic..but if we can laugh, we are all right..unless your laughing that "rainman" laugh..then your in trouble..

the link to the story is embedded in the title..the pic is of CRYBABY Brett Boone who just got cut loose from the Mariners..but the fucktard still gets paid his millions and can now play golf for the rest of the season..on the M's!

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Rat In A Cage said...

I sit in amazement thinking of the players who literally have contracts worth in excess of $100 million.

It changes the course of their decendents for all time. Suddenly, their kids, eventual grandkids, etc. will be born into ridiculous money because they had athetic ability.

Free market. As long as the government doesn't start sudsidizing teams with tax money, and fans are willing to pay $100 / game for family & snacks then it's all capitalism in action I guess.

Jerry said...

I don't understand. Crybaby Boone gets 4 mil. to do nothing. You would think he'd be happy he obviously isn't enjoying playing baseball.

Chick said...

What kind of a BABY takes a bat to a door & locks a killer 1st baseman in the video room?

I'm glad The Redsox no longer seem interested...hopefully the yanks will take him.

That was a great list, BTW. Barmes should be shot...who breaks their clavicle anyway?!

I love the bottom part...where Teixeira lists his fav. restaurants...who else...but a BB player...would I take restaurant advice from? Really...I'm's all good.