Friday, July 22, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

Boy did i screw up...

When I read my work schedule for this week, on sunday night around 11pm, I read it wrong,way wrong..i thought it showed 20 hours this week..i said, COOL a short week! I dont have to do shit till Thursday. This was particularly good because I still have a bunch of injuries from my gymnastic performance this past saturday, you know if you read my blog what i mean by body being old and way torn up could use the additional days to recuperate..


In actuality I have 40 FUCKING hours of work this week. I did not discover this until noon today, THURSDAY! this presents a slight to work 40 hours of work into the remaining days in the week..impossible you say? nah..i can cram em into two and a half days..with a little overtime..the boss lady is not real big on OT...imagine my surpize..

So ...i worked 10 and a half today, and will probably work at least 8 tomorrow..this sucks major moose balls since i am used to working maybe 4 hours a day.Plus you factor the torn upper arm muscle , banged up knees and back into the equation and sportsfans, you have a recipe for MORE PAIN..I took this shitty, mindless, part time job for a reason..IT WAS PART FUCKING TIME! i do not want to work full time, if i did i sure as hell wouldnt be doing this hair ball job...all i wanted was enough money to pay those little credit card bills the ball and chain isnt aware of..and the occasional fantastic pair of shoes..this job offered flexiblity with a capital F sportsfans, only a few hours a week, and they could be worked anytime between the hours of 6am and midnight..I am a nightowl for the most part, staying up till 4 am getting up at 6am then cat napping during the day and early works for me maybe not you..but anyways..i digress forgive me.

I will be driving far and wide tomorrow..and its hot..real fucking hot..try 107 with the humidity in the high 30's..which makes the dewpoint in the high 50's..which means..fuck who cares what it means..its fucking hot..and it has been for over 11 straight friggin days...this makes me cranky..very cranky..old overweight people do NOT enjoy being hot and sticky unless it is rolling around in bed with your lover..and that aint happening anytime soon...anywho..i gotta work all freaking weekend and then leave for vegas on monday morning at the fine hour of 4 or 5 am...the ball and chain likes to get over the great divide prior to the temperature reaching 127 in death valley..or whatever friggin nasty desolate desert area we drive thru on the way to Vegas..and there isn't even a concert for moi this trip..its our annual anniversery trip back to the mecca where we married on July 31st of some recent year, forgive me if i dont recall it at this late,land of elvis and wayne newton..we got married by an elvis impersonator..a little Filipino guy..he did sound alot like elvis however so it made up for the fact that he looked NOTHING like elvis..even in that gnarly white jumpsuit w/all the rhinestones on it..

Also, its the annual Coaches trip to vegas, the college coaches from our local JC. They are the ball and chains drinking buddies,along with the head of the probation dept(that guy is a major lush),an assistant DA and god knows what other mucky mucks...i am the only female allowed to attend..i feel so lucky!!! not really, but the attention is nice..they admire my sportsbrain :)
I would like to beg off this year...the boss lady has informed me that i have lots of work since we went from three field reps to one and a half...the half being the new hire that cant take a full stress load yet..lucky her..

So think of me dear friends, working my injured body to death this whole weekend..walking the miles and miles of grocery aisles..making sure that proctor& gamble, frito-lay, pepsi-co and god knows what other manufacturer's goods are appropriately displayed for your purchasing pleasure. I know most of the managers in these stores and lately they look at me an say.."I thought you only worked part time? Your here more than most of our employees." I also like the ones that laugh and say.."I thought you didnt have to work weekends."

If i had read my schedule right I wouldn't be..dammit..fuck you Pepsi! I hope Coke beats the shit out of you in sales this month...

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Jerry said...

haha...philipino elvis wow I'd like to see that. It is hot and I'm getting sick of it too. Vegas in summer isn't a good idea but sitting in an air-conditioned casino bar right about now sipping a Martini sounds mighty fine.

dusty said...

thats what i will be doing of monday afternoon for three days..i can use the rest.

Jerry said...

awesome...I went to Chicago about 3 weeks ago for Vacation...they have a nice bar on every corner...what a great City....enjoy Vegas..put 5 bucks on black 13 I won a ton of dough once starting with that number.

daisyduke said...

I like Coke better anyway.
Just thank your lucky stars that you aren't wearing my shoes...I'd rather be cranky and sweating my ass off than dealing with this mess...I think I have a crush on LMP...try single deck win more often.
Please do something really fun--something that makes you laugh outloud--and then wink and think of daisy

Laurie said...

Take care of the bod Dusty!!!!!!!!!!

Bruce said...

Sorry about all your troubles lately, Boo, I really am. I've been distracted all week, what with the death of my friend Mike, but I wanted to let you know that I have been thinking about you. Enjoy your trip to Lost Wages, and I hope we can catch up after you get back. Love ya, babe.

dusty said...

daisy..take care sweet girl..know that I am thinking of you and hope you rise from the ashes..

shell..why start now? :P

B...i am so sorry to hear about your friend..keep it in perspective my love..

jerry..i will be sleeping,drinking and staying indoors in vegas..not alot of bores me to tears after an hour..