Wednesday, July 13, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

Two hot topics..Terrorists and the war in Iraq..

Bush lied his ever-lovin ass off to put Saddam out of business..fucktard should be drawn and quartered for it..that might be a tad harsh but this wasn't a little white lie..i only hope that we can eventually get the hell out of there and let them kill each other over their different religious beliefs which has been going on for CENTURYS folks in all parts of the planet earth and the middle east is a real good example of it, the history of the region is rife with holy wars. IF there is one thing that will keep people riled up for all is GOD..the belief in or lack thereof..but with that said..i firmly believe you can not give in to terrorists, you must maintain a steadfast belief in what you are doing or the people you are trying to protect and/or free will lose hope. But we weren't protecting Iraq from a terrorist..we were protecting gold...Is Iraq better off than when saddam was in power? depends on who you ask i think..the mothers of Iraq might say no..the people in iraq who live daily without power or food or clean water will most likely say no..the politicians now in power in iraq will most obviously say yes..its not MY place to say if they are better is my place to shout from the rafters about what i consider to be wrongdoings by the bush administration on behalf of an entire country who had NO voice or vote in what we did..the iraqi people..if Bush took all the billions and billions of our TAX dollars and revenue that he has spent in iraq and put it towards wiping out the pussy assed terriorists of Al-Qaida we might have made some headway by now..i think bush has his priorities screwed up and it pisses me off..what pisses me off more is the terrorists who keep innocent people in fear of walking out their front doors each and every day.a civil war is one thing..a small but spineless band of terrorists is entirely another i want to wipe out the terrorists who hide behind the cloak of religion? HELL i believe it will ever happen..sadly no..iraq will always and i mean always have civil do many other 3rd world countries on the planet..we can not save them from themselves..after what the terrorists did to the United States on 9-11 i think we should hunt them down and kill them like the bullies and spineless fucktards they are..without an ounce of remorse for any of trials, no easy quick death, just an eye for an eye. We didnt need the UN's ok to rampage in iraq, we sure as hell dont need them to ok going after the terrorists..terrorists go after "soft targets" those lousy bastards, public places where people who never did a fucking thing to them congregate..they take the easy way..they don't have the balls to go after the governments or those in power..which is who they rant and rail against..but as long as they can find stupid people who believe that blowing themselves and a bus load of total strangers to hell will make the world a better place AND get their ignorant ass's a place in heaven..nothing will change..its very hard to fight ignorance..and its a very delicate balancing act...and so one has the answers on how to do it.. its been going on for hundreds of years..i see nothing on the horizen that is going to slow it down.

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