Thursday, July 14, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

How Stella got her groove back..or..Terry McMillan is real pissed off..

Alrighty then...where shall we begin?
The author of the aforementioned book, which turned into a nice little movie with Angela Bassett and Taye Diggs, has filed for divorce from her former muse. Jonathan Plummer who's 23 years her junior says he recently went over to the other side and when he informed his wife of his homosexuality, she went..well to put it mildly..fucking bonkers.

Terry is an interesting writer, also penning "waiting to exhale"..i love her gives me hope that i too will find some guy 20 years younger than moi and spend the rest of my life blissfully w/him..yeah its farfetched but its MY dream damn it. Anyways..she got a tad pissed and started tossing around the f word..and generally making his life a living hell..they HAVE a prenup however so i do not know why she is so pissed, other than the fact that she got tossed aside for a man..she got 6 and a half years with the dude..and as far as I am concerned..she's damn lucky to have gotten that..23 years is a big friggin spread..its a generation for gods sake. They are making the lawyers very rich men as we type..she's trying to cut him off at the knees and he is trying to break the prenup..The judge said she has to pay him alimony until they go back to court in October to the tune of $2K per month and $25K to his attorney..SEE, the fucking attorney is getting a bigger piece of poor ole Terry than HE is..Terry is old..shes now 52..and her soon to be ex is a mere 30.

Frankly I can not see why the older party gets all butt-hurt when these types of relationships end..can you? I mean..come on...did you think she was gonna play house with daddy forever? The walker would cramp her style gramps..get real..

Or in Terry's case..even if he did announce he was suddenly gay, why would you want to make it all public and shit..she's supposed to be a liberal, forward thinking person, is that a sham? Is she homophobic or just lashing out at him by calling him a fag?

All I can say is this..the bitch shouldnt be suprized one bit..and she should have the class to just wave the prenup and tell him adios with a little grace. Hey, if he was faking it girlfriend..he did it for almost seven years..and he serviced her "account" in the interim.

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dusty said...

Fuck off anon you bag of shit.