Wednesday, July 13, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

Put your money where your mouth to speak..

Not that this will DO anything but here is my PSA(public service announcement) for the millennium..ok..for the week ..maybe..anyways, its from Sentor Leahy:

Earlier today, I met with the President, along with Senator Specter, Senator Reid, and Senator Frist, to discuss the vacancy at the Supreme Court. I delivered the simple message that Americans want cooperation, not confrontation -- and that we should work together to preserve the Supreme Court's vital role as a court for all Americans.
Join me in making clear that Americans want more than a rubber-stamp nomination. Sign the petition:
I agreed wholeheartedly with Senator John Warner, Republican of Virginia, when he said: "[T]his nomination of the first Supreme Court justice by [President Bush] gives him an opportunity to be a uniter, not a divider, to bring forth someone that can proceed, much like the past 50 years, and to gain a large bipartisan vote, which will send a message to the American public that in these troubled times, we seek to bring together our citizens and not remain divided."
That process, however, must start with the President, and this decision is too important to all Americans for it to be treated as a divisive political campaign. The Supreme Court belongs to all Americans, not just one party or faction.
There are potential candidates who would unite Americans, and those who would divide us. Meaningful consultation is more than a rubber stamp. It means a real dialogue that can help the President find a good nominee who could have overwhelming bipartisan support. The President told us today that he's open to such a dialogue, and our meeting this morning was a beginning step.
Supreme Court justices, once confirmed, hold their jobs for life. Every new justice shapes the Court for years; their decisions affect the lives of all Americans for decades to come. Those facts make a Supreme Court nomination so important that I see it as a public duty to have a thorough, thoughtful process -- just as the nation had during the ten Supreme Court nomination hearings I've taken part in.
Help me send the message loud and clear -- we need a Supreme Court that respects the values of all Americans. We need a justice for all. Sign the petition today:
Thank you.
Patrick Leahy
Ranking Democratic Member, Senate Judiciary Committee

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