Saturday, July 16, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

Fed's roll over and let the Balco Boyz cop a plea..

I am sure some folks are not into sports..but even on several different levels this story is important..The government spent literally millions of dollars..OUR dollars to bring these guys to trial..they had hundreds of man-hours put into the investigation just to BUILD a case not to mention a sitting grand jury spent alot of fucking time on the case before sending it for prosecution..JUST SO THE FUCKTARDS IN WASHINGTON COULD LET THE BASTARDS COP TO A DEAL..a deal which sees the prime fucktard get a whopping FOUR FUCKING MONTHS IN JAIL..AND..NO FURTHER CO-OPERATION WITH THE GOVERNMENT on any thing related to steroids..

there were 42..yes i said 42 fucking charges against Victor Conte Jr, the head jackass and owner of Balco..he plead guilty to a total of TWO FUCKING COUNT S: distribution of steroids and money laundering.. i do not blame Sticky Vicky for taking the deal, who the hell wouldnt for gods sake?

Besides the millions and millions of TAX dollars spent for apparently nothing, there are many of baseball and other sports superstars that now get to spend the rest of their careers and/or lives with a cloud over their collective heads about whether they took steroids to enhance their game..we will never hear in open court who did or did not take the drugs that were given to them by the half a dozen morons that were nailed in this investigation. This investigation and subsequent court case was a very expensive exercise in futility folks..brought to you by none other than..THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION..thanks boys..we really appreciate it..

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Kitten said...

OK...but tell us how YOU REALLY

I find that lately, the more I read and watch the news the more cracks are appearing in my Diehard republican Armor.....OMG, what is there is a moderate liberal hiding under there?????
Scary to think about, please dont tell my dad.

Kitten said...

Who is your alltime fave player????

Col. Dr. said...

Money and influence, they're the two worst things about the whole thing.