Thursday, July 28, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

MLB Trade Deadline is fast approaching..who's going where?


currently thats how many days,hours, minutes and seconds we have till the trading deadline for baseball as of this minute anyway sportsfans..its a fun time of the year for some, agonizing for others..depends on if your team is a contender or not which side of this fence you fall team is one of the ..cough cough..contenders..laugh if you must, they are in first in the NL West but ONLY by default..they have lost 10 or 11 hell maybe even 12 out of their last 13 so god dammit! but the teams behind them arent playing .500 ball either as of late..but i digress,forgive me..

the current rumors are: AJ Burnett to the Chi Sox, they need to beef it up a tad, but they DO have the best record in baseball so they are planning for the playoffs i guess..the pads just got Joe Randa for a bag of balls from Cinncy..Sid Fat Ass Ponson might be going to the AssRangers if Baltimore can cough up some of the ungodly 8 mil he is due next season..Eric Byrnes might be relocating to Cardinal land are banged up lately..arent we all...Soriano might be back in NYC but as a MET..thats far fetched but never say never ya know?? Shea Hillenbrand, that well traveled 1st and 3rd basemen might be going to the twins..lots of possibilities..stay tuned..

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Bruce said...

The Byrnes to the Cards deal is no longer in play, according to reports, evidently because the Rocks asking price was too high. The current rumors have the Cards looking at either Randy Winn or Raul Ibanez from Seattle.