Friday, July 01, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

Sandra Day O'Connor hangs up her robe...for the last time.

When they placed her in that robe, i was worried..i thought..a woman that is conservative, she will wreak more havoc than the males..but she surprized me alot more than i gave her credit for..she was the voice of reason at times..always the swing vote and you were never really sure which way she would go on some cases..but hey..shes getting out while she can still walk and talk which is more than you can say for most of the males that are on the supreme court, most of em have to be escorted out, they refuse to give up the power..i just do not relish who Bush will put in office..the sumbitch probably came all over himself when he heard the news..i assume of course that he is a premature ejaculator..wouldnt you? I mean he really looks like one..those beady little eyes..the way he speaks...god what are we in for now??? Roe v. Wade is in dire's the bible bangers biggest cause this side of Terry Schiavo...the number one priority of the far right is overturning the women's right to very afraid...

A link to the NY Times article about her tenure is embedded in the title. It is a very nice synopsis of her career as the FWOTSC(first woman of the supreme court) as she called herself.

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Rat In A Cage said...

We all do need to be very afraid. I'd be terrified to have a young daughter growing up now. I hope the Bible Thumpers can be held off somehow. Don't they understand (1) they have daughters, and (2) daughters of super strick religious pricks fuck around, drink, do drugs & get pregnant in their teens!