Friday, July 29, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

Leroys strange sleeping spots..

Leroy is the last of the feral kittens to get
friendly with the humans in the house. He
usually sleeps alone and as witnessed by
these pics in some strange places. The other
two can be found on a couch,bed or if their
lucky somewhere on my body. I finally got
Leroy to purr the other night, and he slept
curled up behind my knees all night. But he
does love his privacy and no one is gonna
fight him for the Dr. Pepper box or the
rug alongside the food dish. Scooter actually
came along and ate whilst Leroy was slumbering
with his foot hanging in the bowl..he never

5 people gave us their .02 cents:

Melanie said...

That is the sweetest baby I have ever seen. I just want to eat him up.

Melody said...

Love the music...the cats are kinda cute too.

LoraLoo said...

My cat looked just like this when he was little, but he's never taken to sleeping in strange places :) ... too cute!

The Zombieslayer said...

That first one, he had an assignment to guard the food. He fell asleep on the job though.

Mike said...

what he do, eat til he passed out?!
sound like one of mine!