Saturday, July 16, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

how does it feel to get beat 17-1 by the SOX TWICE.. ask the Yank$

just thought i would post a link to the NY Times article on Friday's game w/the bosox..

just a friendly reminder in the title that this score occured once already this season between these two stellar teams with Boston on the winning end BOTH times..the first occurance in yankee stadium no less on May 28th..Tonights debacle saw David "fatass" Wells get the win for boston..he has beaten the yanks twice this season..oh yeah..this just in..Wells called the Yanks GM prior to spring training to see if they would be interested in him..the rest as they history..and a big Dating Game Kiss to yank$ GM Brian Cashman.thanks Bri..i am sure you understand how happy the padres are with the recent trade that gave us your "washed up" reliever Paul Quantrill and we gave you none other than Redding and May..two of the bozo's that just "shined" for the yanks tonite..lets there anything else to say about this game? nah..

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Rat In A Cage said...

It feels the same as losing 2-1. Since we wond 8-6, it feels like an even split. Nothing more. Certainly, it feels better than not winning in 86 years.