Wednesday, July 13, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

African art from the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

This a nice interactive web exhibit, the link is embedded in the title..ENJOY! :)

Flash exhibition from the Indianapolis Museum of Art explores the life and culture of Africa through its art. Graphics, music, text, sounds, and film clips skillfully weave together to create a cyclical experience that highlights the themes of ancestors, youth, leadership, and adulthood. The cultural context of each piece is key, and the site carefully explains the important elements of each. Discover what an Akuaba is and how it is used by the Asante women in Ghana, or learn about the role a babalawo plays in Yuruba tradition. All 19 featured art objects may be examined in detail: Rotate them or zoom in for a closer view.

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Kurt said...

Nice link. Their site is very impressive.