Friday, April 29, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

It was only a matter of time till she filed the lawsuit...

OK...when i watched the replay of the "incident" on Sportscenter i just knew there was going to be a lawsuit..and it has now been filed..but gotta read the article..the reasons this woman lists for filing the lawsuit..i had to bite a hole in my lip to keep from laughing on a few of in a litigious society these kinds of lawsuits are filed daily..this one bothers me only because her husband had the nads to heckle the shit out of the ball players prior to her getting beaned by the chair. if he was sitting in a bar and pulled that crap someone would of jacked him up good..on his way to his car the dark without any witnesses..this guy would of never opened his yap in a place where he didnt have the protection of a stadium full of witnesses..i would bet my life on it. it's easy to heckle and harass people when your sitting in a baseball stadium...little turdmongers that would never say shit if they had a mouthful in real life find it easy to sling dirty little diatribes only because they figure the ball players can't do anything to them. Reminds me of the time I saw this guy beating his dog in public and I went off on him..he started on me and I didnt back down..i told the loser to take his best shot at me and lets see what transpired. he said..i dont hit women..i said..but you will hit a 40 pound dog? what does that make you dude? it makes you a fucking pussy. a crowd started gathering. the local law enforcement pulled up. the guy is now trying to slowly back down the street. I tell the cop what the asshole was doing..the cop checks the dog out and finds his little mouth is bloody from the asshole bitch-slapping him. the guy got popped, his dog was taken by animal control and i had to go to court to testify about what i had seen. so did a couple others that watched but didnt say anything until i did. he gave up his dog thank god..but he got a nice fine for animal if he had hit me he would of got alot more but was just a dog right? dont get me started..

The suit filed by Jennifer Bueno seeks damages for battery, assault and negligence. Also named in the lawsuit are Texas pitchers Doug Brocail and Carlos Almanzar, the Texas Rangers Baseball Company, and Staff Pro Inc. -- the company hired by the Oakland Athletics to provide security at the game.
Jennifer Bueno said she has physically recovered from her injury, pointing to a small scar on the bridge of her nose, but said she is still affected emotionally.
"It's something that's going to stay with me for the rest of my life," Bueno said. "I never thought that I'd have to go to a game and be fearful for players attacking me, but nobody can say that won't happen, because we know now it can."
Bueno said she has not attended any baseball games since then and did not anticipate going to any soon. She also said she is "apprehensive and scared" of confrontations at her children's games. oh give me a friggin break..does this bitch think ANYONE believes this shit?
Gwilliam said negotiations last month on a settlement with the Rangers were unsuccessful. He wouldn't say how much Bueno is seeking. aw...she tried to milk them and they blew her off..time to file the suit eh?
"We were a long ways apart, and any figures they had were not in the ballpark," he said.
Francisco's attorney, Rick Minkoff, had no comment on the lawsuit. Nice play on words there dude..
The criminal trial against Francisco is still pending, and was postponed Thursday by the judge until June 2.
Minkoff presented a pre-plea report for the court to consider. He said he will also submit additional materials before that date. Francisco is charged with misdemeanor assault, which carries a maximum sentence of one year in county jail and three years probation if convicted.
"This was our first opportunity to have a full discussion with the court that's going to be in charge of the case and handle the disposition of the case," Minkoff said. "The court's going to hear more from us and I consider that substantial progress because it's the first time that's happened."
Both sides will consider pleading out the case, but Minkoff said he would not consider anything that would endanger Francisco's immigration status. Francisco, who is from the Dominican Republic, is in the country on a visa.

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Rat In A Cage said...

It sounds like you have made Gary Sheffield's argument. He said right after that game in Boston. "I guarantee that guy doesn't come up to me and say a word in a bar." House would be a hurting if he did. The world has gone mad. Blame it on Jerry Springer, Rikki Lake, Cross Fire, Ozzy, or the pending Armageddon.

dusty said...

i just blame it on pussy-assed males..the kind that would beat a 40 lb dog but say they dont hit woman...talking trash aka taunting, and interferring with the ball in play are two different things however grasshopper..

Rat In A Cage said...

what's up your butt?

Rat In A Cage said...

Have you gone on the lamb? IF so, I know a lot of good safe houses. Get in touch, and I can direct you to one of several where you can lie low down here. The cops have their hands ful with the latest Freeway shooting so it will be easier than ever to hide out in LA. I just have an image of you upset & crancky holding a gun, and there's a little smoke eminatinf grom the barrel. You have just focused all of your angst on someone or something. Like the book says: Run, Dusty, Run! I have a whole netwrok of people here who can help.

dusty said...

aw..your the sweetest john...thanks but i havent bailed yet..

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