Tuesday, April 12, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

The 72hour sweep thru San Diego County..

I had a very short but nice trip to the southland..most of the time was spent driving as usual but I did actually have an uplifting visit with two of my siblings..i am being a smartass here..as if you didnt know right? I did spend roughly 60 some odd hours with my YSFH(yuppie sister from hell) and it was uneventful and scream-free..imagine that! we got along great, i beat her ass at monopoly..beat her like a red-headed step child...she always wins at scrabble..i refused to play scrabble this trip..she ONLY wins i might add cuz she knows how to work the board..not spell..i can put out a seven letter word and get 7 points..she puts out a 3 letter word and gets 27...i gotta figure out how that damn game works..the secong sibling was her usual bible-banging self..i love her , god loves her, she needs a man to love her..please..if she got laid i think she might back off the religious zealot crap. i can not pin point the exact moment my youngest sista found god..but i wish she had left her brain home that day..being infiltrated by bible thumping two faced churchgoing lying sacks of sheep shit doesnt make my wish list for anyone. I believe in god, but he doesnt pay my rent, wash my dishes or feed the damn animals..there is a place in my life for god, its just not front and center..except when i am doing 85 on the "grapevine" and a highway patrol unit goes screaming by me at 95..THEN I THANK GOD LIKE YOU WOULDNT BELIEVE!!!!!

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Rat In A Cage said...

You're using all my line "lying sack of shit" - I think they are east coast phrases because no one out here uses them. My one buddy cracks up every time I call someone a "hump" or a "numbnut" so I'll expect to see those in your rotation soon.

My trip back from Visalia was 110mph. You need a radar detector.

I think your sister did leave her brain home that day. It explains it.

I can just stop writing in mine because I never played scrabble until like a year ago when I was dating this girl. Same thing. I'd get a 10 letter word for 6 points & she'd get a 5 letter word for 3,018 points (with her tripple word score). I still have the dumb game in the closet, come to think of it.

Okay, well I am hungry - just got in from work - so I'll try to add something exciting to mine later.

Welcome back to the Big Valley.