Saturday, April 23, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

This weeks baseball bitch..

As i said..the cousins in toronto blew up..they are playing .500 ball now..more in line w/their stature as a team..the O's and the Sawx are tied for first..I know its got to be driving a particular Yank$ fan batty..PRAISE JESUS!!!

Barroid Bonds is still MIA..which is fine w/me..ChiSox have the best record in the AL right now..which is great w/me..i got Konerko in most of my 14 Fantasy teams..the AL west is a shitty division..the leading team is barely over .500..I am rooting for Texas..i love Buck Showalter as a manager.The Marlins are leading their division over the Braves..ha ha..fuck them braves..bastages win their fucking division every year and promptly tank in the playoffs..we need new blood in that division..The Facking Cards somehow are leading the Nl Central..dont ask me how cuz jim edmonds and scott rolen aint hitting for shit..must be their pitching..which i agree is underrated..the Hell-A Dodgers are in first in the NL West and the Giants are just sucking pond scum without barroid and moises alou..too damn bad..hope they never get it together...course it pains me that the hated dodgers are leading the division..the ball and chain rubs it in daily..which has me mumbling incoherently around the house..and thinking of ways to off his ass without anyone noticing hes dbacks and padres are playing .500 ball which is giving me fits and possibly a facial tic..thank god i didnt lay down that money to get all the games live..i would possibly pull and Elvis and shoot the dad did that once...when the rams blew a playoff game..i think shooting guns in the house runs in the family since i did it once myself..but thats another story..right?

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Rat In A Cage said...

Doesn't bother me at all, silly woman. I know it's a marathon and not a sprint. We're only a game off last year & we won 102.

I love the way the Jays are back to .500, but no mention of the 2 game sweep by the Yank$ that put them there.

I just have to try to remind myself how horrible it must be to not be a Yankees fan. Then, it is so much easier to let all the little hissy fits I hear slide by. It's like dealing with a little child's temper tantrum. You cannot let it get to you. They will keep coming and they are trying to get a rise out of you. It's best to deal with it by calming explaining why the child / non Yankees fan is not going to get what they want.

After all, what other course of action is there? Go crazy and start shooting up the place. Perish the thought. I wouldn't want to be taken as some back woods sort of malcontent that the world has left behind.


Bruce said...

Yes, the Cards are in first place, and it has been primarily because of their pitching. Going into last night, since April 15th, the team ERA was a mere 1.00. Of course, that went up a bit last night, but that's ok. And Rolen has started to hit, finally. Edmonds is coming off a nasty bout with the flu last week(he needed IV fluids), and is just now getting back to where he's not exhausted by the 6th inning. He still has 5 home runs, so I wouldn't worry.
As far as the gun is concerned...remind me to buy a flak jacket on my next trip to the mall...:-P