Saturday, April 23, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

Evidently these guys dont mind small testicles...

In this day and age..everyone and I mean everyone that plays baseball knows what roids do to their bodies...not to mention their paychecks if they get caught..its not fucking rocket science but they still keep doin em...

Nine minor-leaguers suspended for violating steroids policy

April 22, 2005CBS wire reports

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NEW YORK -- Former New York Mets pitcher Grant Roberts was among nine players suspended for 15 games Friday for violating baseball's minor-league steroids policy, raising the total this year to 47.(FUCKING 47 OF EM..DIPSHITS)
Roberts was removed from the Mets major-league roster last November, then went to spring training with a minor-league contract. The 27-year-old right-hander pitched in one spring training game, pitching a scoreless inning March 6 against Washington, then was released April 14.
He has a 5-5 career major-league record with a 4.25 ERA in one start and 75 relief appearances with the Mets from 2000-04.
In 2003, the Queens district attorney's office decided not to file criminal charges in a case involving Roberts and a former girlfriend who released a photograph of him smoking marijuana. Roberts said in 2002 that the woman, Jodi Turner, attempted to extort money from him before releasing the photograph, which dated from 1998 and was later published by Newsday.OK..SMOKING POT IS GROUNDS FOR EXTORTION? GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK..
"You never like to see somebody in that situation," Mets general manager Omar Minaya said. "What can you say? It's an issue you'd rather not see anybody be in."
Said manager Willie Randolph: "It's unfortunate."
Baseball specified in its announcement Friday that all suspensions were for performance-enhancing substances. Baseball classifies marijuana as a drug of abuse, a different category.
Outfielder Adam Seuss, who was released by the Mets and then signed with the Houston Astros, also tested positive for violating the steroids policy.

Three of the players suspended were from the Baltimore Orioles organization: Gary Cates Jr., Rafael Diaz and Richard Salazar. aRE THE o'S PLAYERS DUMBER THAN THE AVERAGE PLAYER? IT APPEARS SO..
"The players are very well educated on the policy. Unfortunately, it happened despite all that education, so we're disappointed and they'll have to pay the consequences," Orioles vice president Mike Flanagan said.
"I don't feel any embarrassment at all. I think the responsibility from our side is to get the word out, the news out, to educate our players on this, the downside of doing these things. Unfortunately, some still choose to do it and it's going to continue."
Also suspended were James Jurries and Ricardo Rodriguez (Atlanta Braves), Eider Torres (Cleveland Indians) and Damien Myers (released by the Detroit Tigers).
John Farrell, Cleveland's director of player development, would not comment on what substance Torres took. He said Torres obtained it in the offseason in Venezuela and the player told the Indians he was shocked that it was a banned substance.

Major League Baseball said the latest suspensions resulted from 251 tests taken at Florida spring training camps. Of the prior suspensions, 37 came as a result of 925 tests at Arizona camps and one from offseason testing.
All but one of the previous suspensions were for first offenses, with Oakland's David Castillo drawing a 60-game ban, the penalty for a third offense. CASTILLO IS OBVIOUSLY FELONY DUMB..THE MAN SHOULD BE FORCED TO SHOW THE WORLD HIS TEENY WEENY TESTES...
Three players have received 10-day suspensions this year for violating the major-league steroids policy: Tampa Bay outfielder Alex Sanchez, Colorado outfielder Jorge Piedra and Texas minor-league pitcher Agustin Montero, who was on the big-league roster during spring training. AP NEWSThe Associated Press News Service

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Rat In A Cage said...

It's the Mets, what did you expect?

I grew up watching Ojeda (I think it was he) cut a finger off while gardening), Strawberry beat his wife & throw fireworks at her, Valentine sneak back into the dugout after being ejected in the stupidiest disguise ever, (oh, and by the way Valentine's son-in-law or nephew (I forget) got a 16 year old girl I vaguely knew pregnant when he was manager, but that whole thing was cleaned up quietly, Cone (I think) got caught jerking off in the bullpen, half the team got busted doing coke, now one of their player's wives has come out saying she'll fuck the entire team if her husband cheats on her while on the road. She's been on all sorts of talk shows openly discussing it.

I mena, come on, the Mets? Do not look for the high ground in Flushing. The place is a cesspool. It makes the Bronx look like a vacation resort.

daisyduke said...

and when you say small you REALLY mean teeny...damn. Why are they willing to compromise those boys? I guess if it were gonna make me a zillionaire, I'd consider shrinking the girls--but I don't see it happening, either way.
Buck, by the way is a great manager. Every year, when tickets go on sale, he tells em to let us freaks who have been freezing in line, get ours an hour before they go on sale to everyone else. Gotta love him for that. If Orel H. doesn't get with the program though, we're gonna spend another season like Cone, jackin off in the dugout. Damned pitching. Glad we got 50 year old Rogers (or however old he is back ...again....WHATEVER!!!

dusty said...

The Bronx ISN'T a vacation resort?surely you jest nimrod.

Rat In A Cage said...

It is if you live in Bakersfuckingnothingtodofield.

dusty said...

true dat bro...

Anonymous said...

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