Thursday, April 28, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

I stole this from "Indy girls" blog..

The "aye-aye" is a strange looking lil turd...scary as hell with then big ol eyeballs staring out...if your interested in strange lil animals check out the link at the bottom.
April 20, 2005—Making his public debut last week at the Bristol Zoo Gardens, Kintana is the United Kingdom's first captive-bred aye-aye lemur—and only the second in history to be reared by humans (his mother wasn't very motherly).
Even at this tender age, Kintana brandishes outlandish adaptations for survival in lemurs' only native home, the African island of Madagascar. In the forest the aye-aye's batlike ears can detect insect larvae squirming inside trees. A bark-breaking bite from tough incisors and a subsequent probe with a long, bony second digit seals the meal.
That adaptation is more curse than blessing for some of these tree dwellers, which are beaten by Madagascan villagers who see the crooked claw as a harbinger of death. Farmers too get their licks, persecuting the world's largest nocturnal primates for their night raids on sweet crops like coconuts and sugarcane. Also, some Madagascans hunt the 4.5-pound (2-kilogram) aye-ayes for their meat.
THE LITTLE FUCKER ONLY WEIGHS 4 POUNDS..BASTARDS ARE EATING THEM! i find this pathetic..gotta be something else to eat with more meat on it. I mean come on..look at those eyes..or ayes..i am getting confused..better go to work eh?

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Lightning Bug's Butt said...

If it's got meat, somebody's willing to eat it.

dusty said...

so true bug..and i really shouldnt bitch about them eating the aye-aye i might be the only thing between them and starvation..