Tuesday, April 12, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor
ok..one week into the season and these are the highlights..

1. First place in the AL East is currently being occupied by an upstart cousin from the north..the yank$ and bosox are lounging in the basement..NO ONE with half a brain expects them to be in first much past this coming week..its a freak of science and percentage points somehow, Toronto having NO watchability factor outside Victor Martinez..even he can't make me watch those bozos..

2. The second victim of the roid hunt..is..drum roll please...some poor schmuck that just came up from the minors for the Rockies..he is so non-important his name escapes me..and at this point i wont stress over it since his ass is going to the showers and mostly likely back to "A" ball..

3. The NL West is a cluster fuck..which is not news..but only worth noting since I am an NL West kinda girl..with the exception of the Bahston RedSawx..i lived there, it gives me the right to root for them..

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Rat In A Cage said...

Jorge Piedra. I thought it said Posada the first time I read it. It looks like "Goerge Stone" will be dropping out of sight, like you said. I just today told a friend something at the company I was at was a "total cluster fuck." I have only known one other person to use that phrase before reading your comments - laughing so hard. I'll have to post a story I wrote a few months ago called "Cluster Fuck".