Thursday, April 14, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

D-Train keeps rolling along...

Dontrelle Willis is da man..god i love watching him pitch..his delivery:he curls up almost into a ball and then the baseball just explodes out of his hand..hes going great guns so far this season..two count em TWO complete games, which never happens in this, the modern era anymore..he has blanked a team twice..or is it three times already..i forget this early in the am..his era is 0.00..NADA!!! he has 10 k's which aint all that i guess..but goes quite nicely with the two shutouts and two complete games..and..HE'S ONLY WALKED TWO BATTERS..mariano rivera cant claim he only pitches one inning at a time for gods sake..d-train pitched two whole friggin games!..ok..enough already i can see you eyes glazing over and a faint look of detest on your face..

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