Saturday, October 22, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

So you've had a shitty week..let me tell ya about mine.

First off I am working like a dog for the marketing man..its taking its toll on my weakest link, my back and those two hosed up discs...but I got meds for that..

The ball and chain committed a class A marriage felony..seriously, I wont bore you with the details but suffice it to say..Divorce is the usual outcome for this type of offense,If your a smart cookie and I usually think I am most of the time..

This morning I went out to feed the litter of feral kittens in my back yard. The mother, who was a fantastic parent during her first litter has abandoned these. They are old enough to eat cat food, but they are not old enough to be on their own. Five of the little buggers took up residence on my back porch. They have of course grown on me. This morning when I did the head was missing..He was still in the little bed I made up for them..barely alive..breathing very shallow. I rushed him to our family vet, a wonderful man that tolerates my habit of picking up strays very well by giving me free medicene and advice on how to care for them. He did what he could, but it wasnt enough.

I spent the rest of the morning crying and feeling very sad. About all the bullshit, not just the little kitten..he was like the final straw of "Shit Week".

I took a long shower..used ALL the fucking hot felt good washing over me. Having the western worlds smallest hot water heater sucks in times like these..

A bright ray of sunshine popped into my otherwise shitty existance..Scooter was being his nosey self and stuck his head where it doesn't belong..he somehow got a large paper bag with those cardboard-like handles wrapped around his neck..He went flying thru the house doing laps with this bag trailing behind him, all the shit inside the bag launching out as he bounces off doors, couches, table legs..trying like hell to dislodge this bag from around his neck. He wouldnt come to me, he wouldnt stop moving long enough for one of us to grab it and pull it off him. His big round blue eyes even larger than normal. He finally got tired and parked it behind a couch which we had to move to get to remove the damn bag..I almost peed my pants watching him fly down our long hallway with this bag bouncing around behind him..this is not the first time my dipshit cat has stuck his head thru a handle and wasn't smart enough to back out of it..guess he's like our dear President in the fact that he doesn't learn from previous mistakes..

sorry had to get the Political thing in there..

oh and the other highlight..Tommy DeLay our cherish (insert laughter here) and dethroned Majority Leader was booked this week..for his attempt to defraud the citizens of the great state of Texas by laundering money and giving it to Republicans running for office in said State. If you havent seen his mug shot..go to the looks like he's at a fund raising event, big ol smile on his face..hope he wont be smiling soon...

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bsoholic said...

I'm sorry to hear your week was so bad. :( At least there was some comic relief with the cat stuck in the bag.

sending ya an internet hug. :hugs:

Vavoom said...

Dusty, I'm so sorry your week went so poorly. We're here for you.

dusty said...

aw..thanks you two..your the sweetest guys in the least at this moment you are to me..i heart you both..

Lynn Gazis-Sax said...

Glad that I am disabled and loved by my wife....Your poor cat. How could you compare him to Bush?

Joel said...

My wife stole my identity again! How fucked! :D

John Q. Public esq. said...

Shit, sorry about your week, sounds like something heavy!