Tuesday, October 04, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

3 hours, 52 minutes and 18 seconds....

That's when the first game of the baseball playoffs begins. And its none other than St Looey and my Padres..now the odds makers are saying the Cards in 4 games..I ain't saying shit..just know that the reason I am going to work at 6 friggin 30 in the morning is to have my happy ass back home by start of said game..

Boston and the White Sox..seeing as how the ChiSox have a lousy bullpen..I say Beantown Brawlers take it in 5 games..only cuz their bullpen aint all that either..plus David Ortiz is the man..I swear he has a large "S" on his tee shirt underneath that uniform..

Angels vs. Yank$..Angels and I dont care how many games it takes..but the Yank$ offense has woken up lately so anything is possible..When Pay-rod, Jeter and Sheff are hitting well, you can't stop those fuckers..get out your rally monkeys, I took the dogs monkey away from her last night so I can wave it like a moron if needed....hey it worked for them their last trip to the World Series.

Houston vs. Braves..Bravcs only cuz even a blind freaking squirrel can occasionally find a nut. The Astro's closer is da shit but their bats are anemic as hell. I look for this to be a low scoring series..I want the Astros but wouldnt be surprized if Atlanta wins with the "Jones" boyz hitting on all cylinders..

Enjoy the playoffs..pray for my Padres..please..those short bus riders need all the love they can get..

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Queen of Ass said...

And this play-offs thing....that's a good thing to you, right? LOL

FantasticAlice said...

Hey show my Cards some Lovin!


Chick said...

Go Padres...miracles DO happen...you just have to believe...(Trust me...I KNOW).

& the "S"on Papi's shirt...it's there...I've seen it...that man is SOLID!

Have fun with it all...I know I will!

An80sNut said...

I wish I liked baseball. Maybe if they had cheerleaders.