Saturday, October 22, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

The 101st World Series starts tonight.. starts today, the World Series..its been a real shitty week at my house and I haven't spent much time blogging..or doing anything other than working my tired chubby ass off..

I have no idea who is going to win..I would like to see the Houston Astros take it, only because I am basically a National League kinda girl..and they have never ever been there, much less won one..Chicago White Sox last won it all in 1917.. ChiSox last WS appearance was like 1959..

Roger "the Rocket" Clemens will be the starting pitcher for game 1 for the Stros..Rocket is 43 years old..thats ancient by baseball standards..even more so for a pitcher..The Stros have only been in existance for 46 years.. When the Rocket tosses his first pitch he will be the first guy..i have pitched a World Series game in three consecutive decades..also it will be his third team to play in the fall classic the other two being Boston and the Yank$. The Rocket has 7 count em 7 Cy Young awards, the highest honor bestowed upon a pitcher.

I feel both teams are good, both have excellent starting pitchers. The ChiSox hold a slim lead in pitching because their four horsemen can pitch complete games which is unheard of in this day and age.. The Stros have an excellent closer with Brad Lidge and two of their startes..Pettitte and Clemens have World Series experience. The Chisox are a team of home run hitters whilst the Stros depend on speed and small ball to get their runs across home plate..It should be a good series but Fox isn't happy since both are considered small market teams..I know, Chicago isnt a small market, but the ChiSox are the ugly stepchildren of Chicago..the Cubs are Chicago's team it seems..

Before Clemens mom passed away a couple months ago she said the name..Shoeless Joe Jackson(one of the Chicago BlackSox). Seems she knew the Stros would face the ChiSox..I hope Roger Clemens pitches one helluva game tonight and his mom is smiling down on him..She loved the hell out of I do..I can't wait to see this man pitch tonight..a man who is almost as old as the franchise he is playing for tonight..GO 'STROS!!!!!!!!!!!

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Bruce said...

i plan on watching zero of that crap. am i bitter? youre damn right i am...

dusty said...

"Crap'? you call it crap? thats very sad and your very sad..your not a fan of baseball, just a narrow minded Cardinal fan then can you even consider yourself a fan of the game with that attitude? I am sorry to say your a fair weather fan like the ball and chain..its your team or no team eh? good thing not everyone has your outlook or there would be no one watching but stros and chisox fans..I love a good game despite the outcome or the teams involved.I am sad that the season is over and MY teams did horribly this year. The padres wouldn't of been in the playoffs in any other division..I am a fan of the GAME first, then my favorite teams..guess thats the difference between you and me eh?