Saturday, October 29, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

A Smoking Gun Exclusive.

At first I laughed when I read it, hence the title of this post..some jackass spent untold amounts of money to DRIVE to the Hoover Dam and see it, only to turn around and go home. Bet the kids in the family loved that..

but then I thought about it..and it does add up to quite a bit of money if you had a family of say..four or five. And they do hit ya up in drips and drabs..not all at once so most folks probably wouldnt notice it. And the other side of the coin is that it is fucked up that as a citizen of this country you gotta pay to check out one of our "man-made" wonders if your so inclined..our fucking taxes paid to build the sumbitch..well, theoretically anyway..but on the OTHER side of the coin someone has to pay the upkeep and operating costs on these huge gigantic "wonders" so..I DONT you? Its a subtle form of taxation my opinion. Can't they just sell the naming rights to some big ass corporation like say..Hertz? Sure it would no longer be the Hoover would be the "Hoover dam brought to you by Hertz Rent-a-car" or perhaps the Hertz-rent-a-car Dam. Hard to say, those corp's drive a hard bargin.

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The Zombieslayer said...

Dusty - I knew you meant this as a joke, but the problem is corporations get to put their name on things which they put very little into it. For example, that new stadium in Seattle for the Mariners that us taxpayers (I was there and voted against it) paid for, the corporation that named it only paid 15%. We paid the rest. We should have called the stadium "Taxpayers' Stadium."

dusty said...

Your right ZS, it was tongue in cheek, however we have to pay for the upkeep and services needed for these large "wonders" and do we just admit that its a subtle form of taxation to charge admission and for tours of what our money built..or do we put it as part of the federal budget, which means all the taxpayers will pay for it, not just the one's choosing to visit it.

Joel said...

Sounds like my dad, dusty. He once spirited me from a trip to the Grand Canyon to the Hoover Dam just to take that damned tour. Then we spent the night in Henderson, Nevada where we did exactly nothing. It wasted a whole day of vacation to fulfill his dream of wading among the generators of that damn dam.

Your article puts a whole new perspective on his tourism.