Tuesday, October 18, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

All the news that fits..

Did I call that game right or what? Pujols saved the Cardinal ass with a top of the ninth homer..Pujols is god..at least in the baseball universe..Cards will get to play another day..this time in their stadium..but Roy-boy Oswalt will be pitching for the Astro's..and he is good..very good..

Dick "Halliburton" Cheney is possibly involved in the Karl Rove debacle now being called Plame-gate..named of course for Valerie Plame, the CIA agent outted by someone in the Bush Whitehouse..Dicky will look real cute in prison garb..so will Karl Rove..and Scooter Libby..we can only hope sportsfans..the Grand Jury has until Oct 28th to indict someone..or if I had my way..ALL of them..

They finally voted on a New Constitution in Iraq..only they are questioning the results..seems there were too many "yes" votes in many of the provinces, 99% to be exact..Sunni Arabs are the minority and they are crying foul, saying some districts had more yes votes than registered voters..rut roh...Hope this doesnt take as long as the Gore-Bush election results did..or as messy..

Colts beat the bejesus out of the Rams Monday night..45-28..sounds like a college score if you ask me..Colts were losing 17-0 at one point..Tampa Bay who has THE best defense in the NFL and currently a 5-1 record has probably lost their QB for the season..that hurts..the backup QB has three years in the NFL..on the bench! Randy "big mouth" Moss took a helluva tumble sunday and has some bruised ribs, a strained groin and a bruised pelvic area while trying to make a leaping catch. As usual the Raiders fucked themselves with penalties even after converting third and fourth down's...morons..I missed Bill Romanowski's 60 Minutes interview Sunday night..I was friggin working..but I am sure he ran his mouth and tried to make others look worse than his steroid-taking ass. OH YEAH..he just wrote a book..reminds me of Jose Canseco..does anyone believe a word that comes out of his mouth? I rest my case. Joe Gibbs got a 10K fine for bitching about the calls in a Redskins game to the press..what happened to turning the other cheek there Joe? Now we know where Tony Stewart got his mouth at lol...Tedy Bruschi is ready to play football again, just eight months after suffering a stroke and having surgery to close a hole in his heart..I know the Patriots aren't doing too well this season, but I hope he's in great shape, he must really love the game..or need the money..

thats all i got..its almost time for the sun to come up..gotta try and get some sleep..

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John Q. Public esq. said...

your the dog... yes you called it....

anyway, I just got this am's post to work, you having problems to?


Liquidplastic said...

Darn Dusty, you would make a good new commentator ... At least I would listen to you because it's not boring. You get right to point ... Of course you can't be too surprised about the voting in Iraq .. because you know how the Bush Mafia is --- what they can't wind they steal.

I hope Rove and Chaney get what's coming to them -- but they are a part of the good old boys systems, and Bush can pardon them --- he has no scruples!

The Zombieslayer said...

reminds me of Jose Canseco..does anyone believe a word that comes out of his mouth?

No, and I heard his wife is just as bad.

Feel bad for Tampa Bay. I have a lot of respect for Gruden as a coach.

An80sNut said...

It does amaze me how unpredictable each week has been other than the Colts winning and the Texans not. Losing Moss is going to change a lot of things for that offense but I found it interesting that until that game, Collins hadn't thrown an interception all season. I still think they'll be chanting for the heir-apparent Andrew Walter starting...now. Lot of quarterbacks going down early in the season: Grossman, Bulger, Griese, Pennington, Fiedler, Boller, Roethlisberger and Vick with Warner, Losman, Ramsey and Rattay just losing their jobs to poor performance. And now Rattay is heading to the Bucs to confuse everyone over the future of Chris Simms. I love this game.

dusty said...

If football lasted longer than 16 weeks I wouldnt know how to handle it...so much drama wrapped into four months..amazing..