Saturday, October 01, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

Baseball update

The sadly sucky-assed Padres did clinch their divison Thursday evening..barroid bonds did not rescue those dipshits to the north, the Giants..they are getting Tee times for their golf games..not playing in the post season.

The Chicago White Sox also clinched their division and this seems right to me. Hopefully they will pull their head out of their collective ass and be able to win their first round of playoff games..

The Atlanta Braves as per usual won their division. This is not news to most baseball fanatics such as I. They have won something like 18 straight division titles..bfd..they only have ONE World Series ring to show for all those titles..For some reason they choke when it really counts..tsk tsk..

The Cali/Anaheim/Los Angeles/Orange County Angels also won their division..good luck boys, your gonna need it.

The St. Looey Cards won their divison and will have the honor of meeting my Padres in the first round of the Playoffs..oh goody..methinks they will beat the bejesus out of those boys from San Diego but who knows...I am hoping God is a Padre fan..I heard she does love the new uniforms..frankly I think their butt-ugly..but who am I to argue with God about such things right?

The Wildcard representatives are still up in the air..Houston is currently holding a one game lead over the Phillies for the honor of representing the National League..GO STROS!!!

The American League team is going to be one of three teams..Boston, Yank$ or the Indians..since the Indians blew it tonight in an extra innings extravaganza..and the Yanks lost to Boston tonite..can i get an amen?? :).. the Yank$ hold a one game lead over the Indians for said wildcard berth. The Bosox and the Yank$ are playing a nailbiter of a series to end the this thing could go down to the last day of the regular season.. I am personally rooting for the Indians and Boston..nothing says lovin like watching a grown man have a coronary which might happen if the Yanks lose the series to Boston and Steinbrenner blows his lid..the series is being played in Boston's historic Fenway Park. I lived in the Fenway area for five years and I loved it there..beautiful old part of the city and chock full of hookers as I recall..we used to sit in the window on warm summer nights, seven stories above the street and keep track of which hookers made the most trips around the block in some John's car..we would make book on which one we thought would win our stupid little game..doesnt take much to amuse some folks ya know??

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jenniestar said...

wait, are you a padres fan???

dusty said...

yes ma'am i am..born and raised in San Diego..but I also love the Bosox and the D'backs..i have lived many places and adored many teams.. :)

Bruce said...

I'm telling you, it WILL NOT be a sweep for the Cardinals; not with the way Carpenter, Mulder, and Morris have been pitching lately. Carp has an ERA over 9.00 in his last 5 starts, Mulder can't find the fucking plate(7 walks last night), and Morris looks like he has a tired arm. Plus, before last night they were hitting a collective .242 since clinching the division, AND Edmonds looks like he has a sore shoulder, which really bothers him when he swings. All is not rosy in Cardinal Nation right now, whether you want to believe it or not.

Liquidplastic said...

When Maggie read this about her beloved Braves .. she gonna laugh her ass off! During baseball season it hard for her to talk of anything else.

Now between you and Maggie I am going to sit my butt down an watch a game or two so I won't be lift out of the discussion! ;-)

The Zombieslayer said...

I used to be a huge Giants fan up until the '95 strike. Matt Williams was about to break Roger Maris' home run record and they go on strike. I still prefer the Giants, but just don't get into the games anymore. I didn't even know they were out of the playoffs until this post.