Saturday, October 08, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

The pain, the horror..

when your starting Pitcher can't get out of the second inning..yes sportsfans, Woody Fucknut Williams is the Cardinals MVP of the game..he gave them a 5-0 headstart tonight..

But the 'Stros I say Go 'Stros!

The Angels/Yank$ game was rained out..its gonna be a busy Sports Sunday here..the Angels can take it all the chagrin of all Yank$ fans..get out the voodoo dolls kids..

The Padres played their first(and last for this series I am quite sure) playoff game in their new home, Petco aka PetFood Park..its a spacious field, utilizing part of the history of downtown San Diego as part of the Outfield wall..Larry Lucchino, the head cheese for the BoSox was at the helm when the design and layout took he was for the O's Camden Yard. He has his stamp on alot of teams in MLB..

Have a good sports sunday, I know I will with Foosball, Hockey and two playoff games.

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Bruce said...

OK, so I was wrong; it was a sweep. The starting pitching stepped up big time and my boys got the hits when they had to. I just wish it hadn't been against Woody. He's still one of my fave players.

The Zombieslayer said...

All I could say is PACKERS!!!