Sunday, October 09, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

Big Brotha...perhaps..

I was over at the blog of a blogbud who was telling all the lurkers to post a comment since her hits were high but comments not even for the fuck of it I checked mine..most bloggers have a site meter which provides lots of useless information..

Over on my Political Rant's blog I do not get squat for hits which is fine. I blog there for my personal right to express my beliefs and opinions on our government..I was going to close the site meter page when one ISP caught my,tobacco and firearms came to I clicked on the hit to see more...kinda got my attention at 11:36 am on a Sunday, which is when they came to visit over there..Specifically my post about the latest bs on Karl Rove..this is what I saw:

Domain Name (I removed the website address)(United States Government)
IP Address 199.196.144.# (Executive Office of Asset Forfeiture)
ISP :Executive Office of Asset Forfeiture

Continent :North America
Country : United States (Facts)
City :Dulles

Its a restricted site for the Department of Justice. Bunch of government mumbo jumbo on the webpage so I closed the window quickly. But the city location is very important. Dulles is quite close to the Pentagon..I know because I lived down the road from the Pentagon for years in Northern VA. I never went to the Pentagon, I never had a desire or reason to go its not like you can tour the friggin place..

Now a blogger friend said..bfd..she gets hits all the time..bored civil servants reading blogs..everyone does it at work now...but the DOJ..and a restricted site to boot..usually you can not surf the web when you work in a restricted capacity..they dont want hackers getting the web address and fucking up the servers and such..or worse yet, taking information from them..and since I am not a hacker, I would not have a clue on what to do or how to do it..

I just hope those sumbitches arent' monitoring my blog and I hope to hell they enjoyed the shit out of my commentary about Karl Rove :) Zombieslayer and others like to point out..we got the First Amendment on our side..freedom of speech..but that doesnt stop the Bush Administration from attempting to curtail our freedoms and our rights using the Patriot Act as their free hall pass. Bush calls those that oppose the war in Iraq evil and Unamerican..I call it my right to be left of the center.

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Queen of Ass said...

Damn. I think blogger just ate my comment.

Queen of Ass said...

I work for a university, which I think saves me, considering I blog-view ALL DAY LONG at work. They have more students to worry about then their employees.

Queen of Ass said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
An80sNut said...

Now you just have to figure why they didn't cover their tracks better or if they purposely didn't so it would give you something to think about. That does remind me that I should look and see where my visitors are coming from.

bsoholic said...

Yikes, that's kinda scary! You never know what those pentagon folks are up to.

SeizeTheNite said...

Thats a little bit creepy.
But then, Karl Rove is a lot creepy.

dusty said...

I refuse to back down I will talk shit about the government until they clean it up..its a mess and people are finally realizing it..

illimitable voices said...

What scares me is the notion that dissent is bad. Even more so, I am really scared by the impunity by which this administration acts.

However, I do believe that this administration is not really seeking to punish citizens who use their right to free speech, I believe that they are trying to scare us into not speaking. I laugh! I am not quelled into silence by fear because it only encourages me to shout more loudly as I push the keys of my keypad!

Does big brother really have a right to monitor speech? Sure, but I don't like. it.

daisyduke said...

adding to illimitable voices:

They want to control the agreements. The agreements include, but are not restricted to: women are worth less, and should receive pay reflecting so, minorities, specifically blacks, are not actually humans deserving of equal rights, rich people should continue to get richer--no matter the cost...intimidation controls group consciousness-which when quelled, maintains this resignation that we live in.
Look what happened to the MLK Jrs, the Kennedys, the Joan of Arcs, the Jesuses. All slaughtered for motivating group consciousness outside of the "agreements"

John Q. Public esq. said...

and everyone laughed at me when I told them 1984 was real...

hugs and kisses


(see you in the camps)

The Zombieslayer said...

Dusty - I'm technically to the Right of Bush and I don't like him. The Patriot Act is a war on our freedoms and is anything but patriotic.

America supposed to be a big tent of beliefs. If you're far left, far right, left, right, liberal, conservative, or moderate, your beliefs are supposed to be welcome and nobody's supposed to be monitored more than anyone else unless of course they're planning on killing someone. That's the exception.

Bush is suspicious of everyone who doesn't think like he does. Trust me, he dislikes me just as much as he dislikes you. I didn't vote for him, I voted for the Libertarian guy.

I'm not too crazy about the Iraq War either. I believe we're supposed to be in Afghanistan though, and how come we haven't caught Osama yet?

Bush is also more guilty of cronyism than any other President we've had in awhile. The whole Miers things disgusts me. She has no judicial experience. None. nada.

We do have the Constitution on our side. Bush did good when he appointed Roberts. Roberts will be a wonderful Supreme Court Justice. Not Miers though. I already have a horrible feeling about her. She rubs me like the Tipper Gore of the Right.

I want to see a decent Supreme Court, one that throws out all these stupid laws, like the Patriot Act and half the things passed under the War on Drugs.

Joel said...

It could be someone surfing under an alias and using the DOJ site to mask their activities.

Think of it as nothing more than intimidation, possibly by a minion of the Retrogrades with absolutely no connection to the DOJ.

Boolean Wombat said...

i wouldn't sweat it. it was probably just someone surfing at work. gov't employees get bored at work, too. if you start hearing clicks on your phone line or see unmarked vans parked outside your house, then get paranoid.