Sunday, August 20, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

The weekend is almost over...

And no one is happier than the Boston Red one, trust me on this.. They even called up triple-a pitchers in the dead of night for the love of god..

They , meaning the Sawx, are leading the Sunday night game as I write this..I ain't taking nothing for granted, no winner to call at this point in the game. The whole series has been like a bad dream for the BoSox.
THIS JUST IN...The Boston Massacre continues..Yank$ won..and there's another game tomorrow between these two..oh joy.

Padres play the Dodgers starting Monday..they did win today to get back to .500, praise jesus for small miracles I guess..

Tiger won another major..good for him..I did at least play him in my Fantasy Golf league..

Fox sports has a decent free Fantasy Football League..I took part in a draft today..someone actually asked..Whats a Tight End? during the draft...and this person is playing FF why? I smell a setup in this league..

I hope I get to play that person a few times during the season..I could use a gimme,since my choosing players is the kiss of death for them every single fucking season.

I start Physical Therapy tomorrow..say a prayer for me please..its been over a month since I last went and I know its gonna hurt. Next week I get a cortisone shot in my back..can't wait for that sucker either..they actually put you out to give the shot..that can't be good.

3 people gave us their .02 cents:

S. R. said...

yeah, what a massacre.

sumo said...

I'm paying attention...but I love tennis.

trying2hide said...

We can only grow them that freakin' tall in America!