Tuesday, August 15, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Game of Shadows authors won't give up their sources

They are well aware they could be spending some quality time in the slammer by refusing to tell the Grand Jury who gave them the GJ transcripts. Hang in there guys, fark the GJ, they can't seem to nail anyone for anything in this friggin case, when you consider the drug dealers and manufacturers got less than a year each for the love of god,.I mean really now, they didn't even have to sing for their cushy sentence's. It's total bullshit that the writers who told the world what a lying bag of batshit Barroid Bonds is, could very well do more time than the dealers or manufacturers.

This just in..the Padres still suck. And TO is a punk-ass pussy, get your overpaid, over-hyped ass out on the field TO, Jones only has so much patience I have heard and the Tuna wants you gone since the day you parked your ass in front of your locker.

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AJ said...

"This just in..the Padres still suck. And TO is a punk-ass pussy, get your overpaid, over-hyped ass out on the field.."

You said it girl!

I have NO patience for the drugged up over-rated ABC contracting entities they call sports, especially baseball. I do enjoy a good football game every now and then, but hey, who doesn't deserve some good bucks for getting the shit kicked out of then whilst chasing/holding onto a ball?
Peace Dusty.

dusty said...

Well AJ, baseball is one of my passions and I do love my Padres..but that said..they are playing horrible. I am tired of overpaid ignornant men making lots of money playing a childs game..

Thanks for stopping by AJ, love your blog :)

Bruce said...

Fainaru-Wada and Williams better stick to their guns here, and I think they will.
And the over/under on Parcell going postal is the last pre-season game.

dusty said...

Well, TO finally suited up and put on the pads today, per SC, which is just starting..

As for Wada and Williams I think its total bullshit they might do more time in jail than the asshats that started this crap at BALCO..those are the ones that should be in jail. Plus our Atty General Alberto wants to test this all the way to the supreme court on the journalist bs..so he can come after the NYT and the like for political articles.

Kurt said...

i hope they don't ever talk. And the AG gets his test. and fails. and the writers wind up millionaires for all the books they sell.

Tuna's rule (which he told the local media again yesterday) - no practice, no play.
I don't think he will blow, bruce but I think TO will learn he works a little differently than some of his other coaches. He thought Andy Reid was hard to play for? HAHAHAHA

dusty said...

kurt..I just hope the Tuna holds true and tells the jackass he isn't playing..although TO never likes to play in preseason..but this offense is totally different from what he is used to..

John Q. Public esq. said...

huge amazonian bitchs scare me, hold me now dusty...

all my best,