Saturday, August 05, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Saturday Mammal Blogging..

Ok..if you read professional, paid bloggers..they all do some kind of lame-ass animal, plant or god knows what else type of blogging on Fridays.

I am not a follower..nope..ok, maybe I do follow on occasion, but I digress.

I will do Saturday Pet blogging..cuz I have dogs and cats ..everyone gets equal time..I have to be fair, beleive me they know if I am not. I just remembered however, that I lost all my pet pics when the ol Toshiba blew a muthaboard. one reads blogs on Saturday..everyone reads them at work when they play fuck around.

And I can look at a pic of Baby for the first time and not cry..

Yes, I know the Pelican isn't a Pet. But he was gracious and let me take like 20 pics of him..THIS CLOSE!

And I am glad I still have this pic of Bobby and my leopard print bra-strap..One can not leave this earth without a semi-naked pic on the internet. Not that I am leaving anytime soon. just saying..

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S. R. said...

AmericaBlog is big on the Friday night Orchid stuff.

That cat is pretty photogenic.

lecram sinun said...

Alright! Saturday Pet Blogging! I like it!

Bruce said...

You're wrong...I read blogs on Saturday. This is a great idea, Boo, and once again, I'm sorry about all of your kitties. Thinking about you...

dusty said...,me and lecram don't count..we don't friggin work!

As for Sonic..he's just weird :p

S. R. said...

I read blogs every day. I'm an abject loser.

sumo said...

I read on Saturdays the animal stuff. Oh...and when we have lunch (one of these days) be sure to wear that bra so I can recognize you...heh!

dusty said...

Its nice to know I am not the only freak to read blogs on the weekend!

Praise be to you, my blogger buds..and Theta..the bra goes on the inside dear :p

jagular said...

Sometimes I read blogs on Saturdays, but it's rare that I can post on the weekend.
I work weekends almost exclusively, so my off days are reversed from most people.
So right now I'm reading your blog while I'm at work.

You have some adorable pets there. I wonder if that cat likes sardines?

S. R. said...

That cat looks like it likes the "special" brownies.

dusty said...

My cats love chicken of the sea..and it better be human tuna,not that crap they put in catfood cans. Plus they like it in water, not oil. least you get to view them at work..alot of companies are starting to crack down on what folks can look at from a work station.