Wednesday, August 16, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

The gNats put Soriano on waiver wire? And other sports stories of note..or not.

Not that I completely understand their reasoning but according to sportsline and SI the gNats have put Alfonso on waivers. Al has been a whiny punk about playing the outfield, then he didn't want to be traded, then he was surprized he wasn't..the dude must be a gigantic pain in the ass. I fail to see how they would get more for this yahoo now then at the trade deadline a couple weeks ago.

Al will become a Free Agent at the end of the season and he refuses to talk contract with the gNats saying they will get first dibbs on his nice Alfonso...yeah..they will really try to keep you dude..wanna buy a bridge?

Our dipshit of the day goes to former NBA player Lonny Baxter. He was arrested by the Secret Service around 2 am after a report of shots fired from a vehicle near the White House. Lonny's car had spent shell casings inside the vehicle. The NBA has-been recently signed a contract to play round ball in Italy, but this might hold him up just a tad..his lawyer had this to say: "Hopefully this doesn't become a life-altering event."

In our WTF? dept..there is this story stolen from Deadspin. Its about a former male, now a female who keeps winning some cycling race somewhere.. oh, and the story is about how the runner-up was a tad butt-hurt about losing to the former male so she put a shirt on which says "100 percent pure Woman Champ" when it was picture taking time on the podium. Sour grapes anyone? Transsexuals have rights and feelings too, but I do think its a tad unfair for this huge amazonian bitch to be riding against normal sized woman, especially since she wasn't born a woman..thats my story and I am sticking to it. Click on the pic for a larger image to read the T-shirt..its quite clear it was a last minute job, and crappy at that...the chick wearing it got herself a nice three month suspension from cycling..dumb ass.

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Bruce said...

Babe, big name players get put on waivers all the time. The Braves put Andruw on waivers a week or so back, but they pulled him back because another team was awarded the claim. A lot of times it's done just to test the waters.
BTW, did you hear about Corin Robinson? It really looked like he had turned his life around, too.

dusty said...

B..I know players are put on the waiver all the time..but if they wanted to trade the sumbitch, they would of gotten more at the trade deadline with several times hungering for him..than just one off the wire..right?
Koran Robinson, the football player? That is the fuckwit that got popped for another dui..

Chick said...

The story about the cyclist is too funny...I'm an unfeeling bitch to say the 'she' is only a semi-she...sorry...but she ain't no woman if she's never had cramps & PMS..."she" just isn't.

dusty said...

I will buy that chicklet..cuz you and I know..thats a true that has had to deal with "those" things every single month since she was a teenager..isn't fair is it?

Christopher King said...

Yeah that is harsh. I feel for transgenders (well, not in a literal sense that I am aware of) but as a practical matter where do you put them on the podium?

I like to believe I have an answer for anything not related to rocket science, but alas, it is not true.


BTW now the prosecutor in my case has flown the coop, apparently he will meet up with the former police chief in chicken shit hell.