Tuesday, August 22, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Axl Rose must be desperate..

The man is bringing his "show" to BakeTown..yes to my humble burg Axl and his most recent lineup of Guns n' Roses is pulling into town on Sept. 29th..

I have mixed feelings about this..

I want to go, but I don't..I have read that his voice sucks and so does the show..

But I loved GnR..truely I did..

Tickets go onsale Saturday..where did I put that credit card? Perhaps the ball and chain hid the sucker after he read the same article I did in the newspaper. Axl hasn't played SoCal in 14 years..at least not this neck of the woods.

2 people gave us their .02 cents:

Bruce said...

I have the same predicament with Clapton. He's coming to Charlottesville in October, and tix go on sale Sat. A.M. It's been 16 years since I last saw him play, so I'm conflicted. Ah, the conundrum of wanting to see your faves...

S. R. said...

I'd just buy the tix Dusty and Bruce. That is, if they are reasonably priced.