Monday, August 28, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Barroid Bonds trainer back in the slamma..

Good place for him. Barroid must be paying him well to keep his yap else do you explain it?

In other news..the Eagles got Donte Stallworth in a trade today. They gave up a linebacker and a bag of footballs..

In our WTF? Dept..Jeff "fuckwit" George..who has been out of football for 5 years signed with the Raiders..Sweet Jesus in a they just want him to clean up the locker room after games?..what other purpose could he serve? He sucked as a QB, even when he played every season..the man has a losing record and a 'tude to boot when he DID play..

I had my cortisone injection today..I am up taking some pain meds..caught up on my sports fix..and I am back to the sack..with the cats and the remote..lata

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trying2hide said...

I"LL pay him to start yappin! It sucks that young folks look up to "enhanced" athletes.

Who is left to look up to?

dusty said...

Its hard to say Beth..a reporter recently resigned from the group that votes for Baseball's hall of famers..he says he can't be sure who isn't dirty.its a friggin shame..

sumo said...

I watched Andre Agassi win the first round of the US OPen this evening against was a fabulous game. It may be Andre's last if he doesn't win the next round...but if he goes out on this one game...he is a GOD! Pavel was great too. Mr. Sumo hates sports of any if I get excited he gets I try to tone it down. The crowds love this guy. That being said...I hope you improve with the cortisone shot. Ain't it a bitch? I had 2 in my left knee...and the fear nearly knocked me out. It did hurt though...but I'm still alive. It's not easy to see a needle the size of a baseball bat coming at makes you all squirmy. I'll give you a little time for this to kick in (took me 3 weeks) and I'll give you a call so we can commiserate about the needles. Taaa!

dusty said...

I do enjoy tennis Theta, I will have to post on it. I played in highschool.