Saturday, August 26, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

If the Dodgrs lose, it could get interesting here.

The Padres have..gasp..won another game. The Reds are tanking like large marge in the Boston marathon. Before tonights game the Dodgers have lost 4 in a row.

If you follow me..the hapless Pad's could very well be tied for first in the NL West and own first place in the wild card race. Of course this could all change tomorrow..thats the beauty of it all.

Look, this is a big deal to me, its either this or sleep alot..I am back in physical therapy and still don't get why I hurt so damn much when its supposed to help..perhaps I need to lay off the pain pills..or maybe not. I am taking so many meds I need an excel spreadsheet in order to keep from over-dosing my dumb ass.

I have been civil to the ball and more gloating..sometimes gloating can bite you in the ass..I hate when that happens, so I avoid it at all costs.

In other news..Koren Robinson got cut from the Vikes..see what happens when you drink and drive and try to evade the police? 12 Mill down the tubes..And some people call me a dipshit..

The Yank$ lost a slugfest to the California-Anaheim-LA-Orange County Angels today. I am sorry for their loss..well, not really but their fans must be busting a artery, that makes 4 in a row I think. I am pretty sure the Yank$ are going to the playoffs, the BoSox..I ain't so sure of..

EDIT: The Dodgers pulled it out of their the Pads are still on wild card watch..ok..I will shut up now.

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Bruce said...

But...the Reds lost, so your boys are only 1/2 out of the WC. All is not lost, my dear.

Anonymous said...

I like our chances ... though, I'd rather be in first now ... two games out as I write.

dusty said...

I just pray alot Howard..its the last vestige of religion for me..praying for the Pads..