Sunday, August 27, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

TO finally fined for his shenanigans..

Terrell Owens, who has had three teams in three years, has been fined by the Cowboys. This is the man you love to hate. He seems to love that role, no matter where he goes. No one disputes his talent as a wide receiver. No one disputes his ego and ability to disrupt a team either..

So Jerry Jones, the asshat extrodinaire that signed this bozo full of talent and ego has finally fined him. The fine is a paltry 9,500 bucks. This is nothing to T.O. with the loot he is pulling in from Jones's wallet. Bear in mind that both MRI's have shown nothing wrong, although TO states he 'hurts" regardless of what the MRI's show. He hurts yet he is constantly late for medical rehab sessions. He has also missed a team meeting and arrived late to some. This is also the nimrod that wore a racing helmet when he was on stationary bike duty..All I can say is..WOTTA DICK! The linkage to the writeup is here.

Thanks to Fortress of Pillows for the link to the writeup.

4 people gave us their .02 cents:

trying2hide said...

Well, the 'fridge' perry doesn't play anymore?
Even I have followed this one.
I wish he'd retire and go away.

Bruce said...

TO makes me pine for Barry Bonds news; and makes me want to gouge my one good eye out with a rusty spoon.

Tommy said...

TO jus needs to GO. Sorry, take your little whiney ass home and see how you live on a salary from the Gap, or Starbucks. I know the car wash down the street from my house needs some help. I hate TO. Sorry. lol Have a great day Dusty.

The Stiltwalker said...

I was just watching the TO updates the other day so I'm kinda late. This dude is a joke and has the typical black man syndrome. He thinks the world owes him and noone owes him shit. Get over yourself.