Tuesday, August 29, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

This should make everyone's day..

Michael Jackson turns 48..physically. With all the nose-jobs and other shit he has done to his perverted self..its hard to tell how old most of the body parts are..

On the sports front..Joey Porter looks good, and hes a BakeTown boy..this pic is for Stiltwalker..it beats a pic of Mikey Jackson any fucking day of the week.

And our quote of the day regarding the Donte Stallworth trade from a former team mate:
"I don't know what we got, but they got a hell of a deal."
-- Saints WR Joe Horn upon learing that New Orlelans traded wideout Donte' Stallworth to the Eagles

thats all I got..I am hurting bad..that cortisone shot yesterday really sucks so far..wtf?

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Bruce said...

Correct me if I'm wrong(and I know you will:p), but doesn't it usually take a couple days for the cortisone to take the full effect? I remember last year when Larry Walker was getting them in his neck, it would be at least two days before he was feeling fit enough to play.

dusty said...

They said 72 hours..depending on your body..all I know is..it sucks pond scum. Its like your body trys to reject it or something..its weird.

The Stiltwalker said...

hot shit. that's all I gotta say. hot shit.

(why can't god bless me with a man like this waiting for me at home? is that too much to ask?)

trying2hide said...

Oh my! He is a looker!
Honey... I'd opt out of the shots if they don't work. I finally told the doc that I have had them in every spot that I have had issues with and have NEVER noticed a difference that lasted longer than a day or two, and I don't consider that a payoff worth the pain of getting the shot. The doc looked at me and said that some people are that way with Cortozone. Huh? WTF? Some fool could of told me that 5 years ago?! Instead of making it all out like it is the be all end all!
I feel ya babe.
Knee surgery on Friday!
and golly that feller is sex-ay!

John Q. Public esq. said...


ND starts Sat....
so life is once again good. all my love etc...


You know I look like that.


Let me know if you need anything I got a lot of that shit your insur-ass company wont cover.


Newt said...

SO glad I stopped to visit today.

dusty said...

thanks for coming by ladies, glad I could boost your day :)

My dear John Q..go Touchdown Jeebus..I am the unofficial rooter here in BakeTown for them ya know!

And this luscious man lives here in my humble burg in the off-season :)

Seamus said...

Whachugettincortisoneshotsfor? Sorry it taking a while to give you some relief!

dusty said...

I am minus three discs in my back Seamus..makes life difficult and painful..

Al Swearengen said...

Porter's a stud when the Patriots aren't at Heinz punching him in the mouth all day and night.

Stallworth's inconsistent, a slot receiver on a good offense, perhaps a middle of the pack 2nd reciever w/ a dynamite QB.

An80sNut said...

I was shocked when he turned 40 but to think of him getting close to 50 creeps me out a little.

Stallworth is going to do well there as Horn really was the focus on that offense.