Monday, August 07, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Fuckwit child and her parents responsible for deaths of meerkat family.

A 9 year old kid climbed over a barrier,plexi-glass and hung into the caged display area of a MN zoo and was biten by one of the animals. State law requires that wild animals be killed to make sure they do no have rabies when individuals refuse to receive the series of painful shots required to prevent rabies. The entire family of three babies and both parents had to be euthanized..

It should be noted that the animals were given rabies shots regularly and the autopsy showed they did not have rabies.

What else should be noted that this kid's parents were not doing their job when their fuckwit of a child decided to climb over and into a cage of wild animals. I were they doing? watching her? scratching their ass's? picking nits off each other?

If it had been my child, I would of snatched the lil crum-cruncher bald before he got to the top of the enclosure. How do parents let kids do whatever they want, even when it puts the kid in harms way? Making your child behave in a public setting is not child abuse. Letting them do stupid, dangerous things in a public setting is, in my opinion child neglect. And then, to refuse the shots and allow the animals to be killed..its just friggin wrong! I say we smack the living shit out of those parents..hitting the kid of course is illegal, but I would go to jail for smacking the mother and father in a heart beat..the story should you wish to read it is here.

I am cranky and hurting. I saw a lawyer and found out he can not help at this point in the process. I am at my wits end and very tired of being in pain 24/7..its hard to be funny when you hurt. Its harder to not take a gun and go postal at the local workers compensation department. I am not demanding money for my injury. I just want to live I did for the most part before I worked my ass off for this merry band of fucktards.

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sumo said... I hear your pain on both accounts. I'm with you on kicking the crap out of the parents. In fact you could distract the parents and I'd slap the crap out of the kid when they aren't if they would be looking. Low-life pond scum. It's criminal what lack of attention many parents are guilty of with their kids. I had more than one person tell me to lighten up on mine and not be so strict. I was able to take them out in public without worrying they'd mess with anything. They were also taught the value of life...human and animal.

Apparently the workmen's comp people don't have that philosophy.

CoffeeBigPlz said...

You know... they almost make it criminal to punish or not punish your kid these days.'

But me?
My kid you could spank him forever and it doesn't matter. He could care less. Seriously. But take away his video games, TV or (here is the killer) make him stand in the corner? Oh my! You would think we were killing the child! All I have to do is threaten to make him stand in the corner and BOOM! That kid is as square as military camp.

But I know this because I am an actual parent. Not a pseudo parent that many folk pass for today.

Oh shit I am on a rant in Dusty'd comment section.

Every parent loses sight every now and then and makes mistakes. But sheesh!
You're right..

dusty said...

I used passive restraint as a trick to control my son when I divorced his dad. The kid was out there and acting out at the strangest times and becoming physically violent toward me.

I wrestled his butt to the ground and sat on him..not ON him but you get what I mean, right? I straddled him until he quit losing it and calmed down, I only had to do this twice..every time afterward if I even threatned a "take down" the kid mellowed out..

Joe Erjavec said...

(I'm posting this comment, but I'm sure my dear parents would think ill of me and my wife for this:)

We live in Minnesota, and we've been watching this news story. Melissa asked this morning, "If our son ever gets bitten for something so stupid, do we agree that he will have to get the rabies shots?" I agreed.

Of course, the parents should have had control of their child in the first place!

dusty said...

The parents turned a blind eye to this kid's behavior and then had the audacity to refuse the shots that would of saved the lives of the animals.The kid needs to know the consequences of his actions and damn sure should of gone through the would of been a life lesson he/she or IT would of remembered.

Hopefully this child will be sponging off his parents until they die..they deserve it.

Bruce said...

There is nothing that pisses me off more than parents who let their children run amok. Frankly, they deserve everything that happens to them.

S. R. said...

Three words.

Beat. Kid's. Ass.

jagular said...

It's pretty funny that you should post this right now. I just took my kids to the zoo a couple of weeks ago and they had a big meerkat display. My four year old climbed up on the rail and leaned into the exhibit.
"can I pet them, daddy?"
I GRABBED her and yanked her back.
"no. They might bite you."
I felt like a big ol' meanie at the time.

This is just too wierd.

(I tried putting a pic of the meerkat in here, but can't get it to accept it. I'll post the pic on my blog then.)

dusty said...

Jag..would you of gotten the shots for the kid if he/she had been bitten? just curious..your a parent and all..

The Stiltwalker said...

and what good does it do to euthanize the animal if the person refuses rabie treatment?

dusty said...

Stilt, the animal is killed in order to check the brain for rabies..its the only method there is currently for checking a mammal for rabies..

jagular said...

I'm not just a parent. I'm also a nurse.
I would have gotten the rabies shots for the kids in a heartbeat. Without question.
But, I have to admit, not to save the animals. I would have gotten the shots for my kids even if the animals were killed, analyzed, and determined to be rabies free, just on the off-chance that they screwed up the test somehow.

The sad part is that they didn't really have to kill the animals, realistically speaking.

They could have quaranteened them for the duration of the regular incubation period of rabies and then evaluated them for symptoms of rabies.

But they were probably trying to look good for the court case that is likely going to be forthcoming by the wonderparents.

dusty said...

Thanks Jag, I appreciate your coming back and letting me know. Sadly, the state law demands the animals be killed immediately to determine if they had rabies..even though they had rec'd their rabies shots on time, every year..its so sad..

You think this dimbulb parents will have the nads to sue?