Wednesday, April 05, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Send Lawyers,Guns and Money..the shit has hit the fan.

As my two regular readers know..I recently gave two weeks notice at work.

Big deal..I retracted it after my boss hired someone to help me out and swore she would hire one more real soon..HAH!

The 'guy' she hired quit..and he didn't DO any of the stores he was supposed is that about? people have no pride in their work? If you wish to quit, do it muthafucka, just finish the job first.

This is the busiest 3 weeks ahead..I literally inventory all the products in the six grocery stores in my estimated hours for this task alone..for a week..ready... 30...thats NOT a typo..30. Those hours do NOT include my weekly tasks and requirements..which usually come out to 25-30..on a good week.

I need a gun so I can blow that friggin fool that quit after two weeks to hell. I will need a lawyer when I plead insanity because this fucking job is driving me nuts. I will need the money to purchase a gallon or two of Skyy vodka since realistically that is my only legal option at this point.

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lecram sinun said...

Ouch... that sucks. Well, have a drink on me.

CoffeeBigPlz said...


I am sorry.
Can you drink yet? 'Cause it does sound like you need a cocktail.

Can you un-retract you retracted resignation?

dusty said...

I did toast you last nite Marcel, I love your stories :)

Beth..thanks, it was quite easy which surprized me. I am still tweaking got any pointers let me know.As far as giving notice again..this time I want a job to go to so I can NOT let her talk me out of it.

Kurt said...

mmmm. sorry to hear your dreams were dashed again.
i like the new look as well.

Bruce said...

Shit happens...

Jerry said...

I have a great Cake recipe that includes a file. Let me know if you'll need me to build you one.

phlegmfatale said...

so did you do the sensible thing and re-submit your resignation???

Seamus said...

Think you can get by on just a couple of gallons? Jeeze - that's nutz!

FantasticAlice said...

Your new look of the site is SO SPIFFY... it is full of spiffy goodness... I dig it!

Fuck the little rat bastard. I feel your pain Dusty Dearest, yuppy bastard... makes your life hell then leaves you high and dry.

Typical men.

Oh well, I will visit you in "captivity" and when the time is right help you to break out.