Friday, April 14, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

How big IS that dog..or..if those were MY tax dollars I want a bottle too.

The Oceanside,CA director of the Humane Society ordered..ahem..3600 Vicodin tablets..for her DOG. Dan Simmons, a special agent for the DEA, alleged that Stacy Steel directed Humane Society workers to order 36 bottles of Vicodin between Oct 2005 and Feb 2006. Seems ol' Stacy quit her $95K per year job shortly after the visit from the DEA folks. She was using the drug registration number of a former Vet that worked at the facility. WTF was this broad thinking? Its a controlled substance sista..go see Alex and buy a clue. Link to the rest of the article is here.

In other news designed to make drinkers happy..or make drinkers out of the entire human race..someone is trying to invent a drink that will get you lit up like the proverbial Xmas tree without all those pesky side effects. You know..killing your liver, waking up hungover, etc. The best part is the guys name..Professor Nutt. Linkage is here.

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Jenn said...

That's one happy DOG!

Dude, lovin' the new template! The moon scene fits A Moment In Time smoothly.

And uh, I know I shouldn't hit on guys through their mom, but the new ink on your son. . . HOT! Rawr!!

Okay, I know your AIM doesn't work, so use You don't have to register. Just sign on and voila! JUST DO IT! I MISS YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

They already have a substance that gets you loaded without a lot of those pesky side affects, its called marijuana.

dusty said...

True John, but the fact that you smoke it offends some folks. You can of course ingest it in many different methods..what was the topic?

Ah yes, legal and illegal substances...

Sonicrusk said...

People will get offended over anything. Like when I wear my prosthetic penis that hangs down to my knee.

Dusty: Can you please change your blogroll to list my new address? Thanks.

dusty said...

Your updated Sonic :)

and yes, people are easily offended..some anyways..

fuck em if they can't take a joke.

Tommy Gunn said...

That shit cracks me up.I'd be his dog for a few happy pills now and again. LOL Happy Easter Dusty.

dusty said...

Me too Tommy :)