Tuesday, April 25, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Keith Hernandez is a Putz, among other things.

The former Met 1st baseman, and now the TV announcer for the Mets has committed an unpardonable sin IMHO..the jackass whined about a female in the Padres dugout during the Padres-Mets Saturday game in San Diego,not once, not twice but many times. He couldn't keep his piehole shut or just talk about the homer Piazza had just whacked off the Mets pitcher...no sir...Keith had this to say about the female in the Padres dugout:"I'm not saying that women belong in the kitchen, but they don't belong in the dugout". It should be noted that she is the Pad's full-time massage therapist and was high-fiving Piazza after his homer. None of the Padres seemed uncomfortable with her being there AND it should be noted that women run all over the damn clubhouse in the form of reporters and wives.

Keith was bitched out by his superiors and forced to apologize during his pre-game show on Sunday. Once again however, Keith had to slide a whine in there afterwards by remarking That only the head trainer and assistant trainer were allowed in the dugout per MLB's rule book.

Keith..are you that anti-female or just an asshole extraordinaire? What's the big friggin deal who was in the dugout? You look like a sexist sumbitch Keith..just an fyi there buddy..

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Anonymous said...

Bigots seem to be getting all the points these days for some reason. I don't know if you've seen the fucking mess on Daniel Hoffmann-Gill's blog, but racist cocksuckers seem to be reigning supreme these days.

I think Keith thought she was there to give him a rub 'n tug, and when she told him to fuck off he took it personally.

John Q. Public esq. said...

I like girls dugouts, but thats just me.

all my best,


dusty said...

Ah John Q my dear sweet man..
I would expect nothing less from you.. :P

Kurt said...

wow. the man is just a throwback, dusty. no excusing him and his attitude. but there are so many people that have lived their whole lives sheltered....he is just one.
i think he was trying to be tough and got blown away when he realized that his opinion is now the minority.
hey check out the link on my blog. it is funny. goverment "vagina monitoring department"....since we were on the subject.

PoeticAdam said...

She must've turned down 'ol Mex's advances, and, well, being the quintessential ladies man and ex-New York baseball legend, he responded accordingly.

"Hey, no chick turns 'ol Mex down! I played in New York, and was on Seinfeld once, for God's sake!"

The worst part, though, was definitely the Padre camouflage unis...ick :).

dusty said...

OMG..I hate those uni's adam..w/every fiber of my being..

but yes, she must of told ol Keith to hit the road.. :P

Dave said...

yea...you really don't get any more ignorant than that. Keith Hernandez - still trying to pretend he has pull like he did in '86. haha