Monday, April 24, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Boston's World Series Baseball will reside in the Hall of Fame and other gems of note.

The Boston Red Sawx and their former 1st baseman Doug Mientkiewicz have finally reached an agreement on the baseball from the final out from the 2004 World Series. You remember that WS I hope, it ended the curse of the Bambino for the BoSox which started in 1918 or some such nonsense. Beantown gets visitation rights according to

Neither Dougie or the BoSox are saying what the agreement is between them. Doug did refer to the baseball as his “retirement fund”. Since he is playing for one of the worst teams in baseball, the Kansas City Royals this year, we only hope Doug got some green for that baseball.

The Rockies/Giants game Sunday was interesting and fun-filled. I think the asshats set a new record for ejections without a fight breaking out. A total of four batters got beaned..jesus christ in a thong... and five ejections..two of the coaches of each team,hell in the FIRST inning alone the starting pitcher for the Giants, Matty Mo got the gate...Matty did bean two guys in the first inning, in defense of the rookie ump.. They were throwing at guys all weekend in Colorado, Saturday that crazy mofo Jose Mesa hitting Omar Visquel for like the fifth time in some long, dumb-ass feud they got going on. childs game thats played for Million$ of dollars by grown men with HUGE egos.

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Dave said...

I couldn't agree more with your last sentence..Doug must have cashed in hugetime.

Sonicrusk said...

Been awhile since I've seen any baseball brawls.