Wednesday, June 15, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

Someone told me baseball is boring..bullshit i say!

PLAY BALL!!!! God I love’s the longest season of any professional sport! The best part about baseball is that it’s a team one player on a team can do it player can not get all the outs or hit all the homeruns.. People that don’t follow baseball think it’s a slow,boring sport..PLEASE!!! how can you call it slow..when so much happens on the field? The pitcher is throwing a ball at roughly 80-98 mph..the hitter is swinging..the baserunner is attempting to steal second..all at the same time! TV tries to do justice to baseball, but if it wasn’t for replays..we would miss half the action! The beauty of the double play..i love it..everyone is in the right place, and it goes off without a spite of the guy barreling to second base..trying his hardest to take out the second basemen with his cleats at face level..the thirdbasemen leaping at a ball that is flying by him at 80 mph and he catches it! Can you do that? I know I cant….you can be a great hitter, or a great defensive player..but its hard to find someone excellent at both..and a five tool player is rare these days..almost can buy a world series sometimes..but if the florida marlins have anything to say about it..YOU WONT..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…a good game,where the pitchers are dueling it out..i cant think of a better way to spend an evening..everytime the crack of the bat breaks the silence..everyone is watching..hoping their team just got a break the logjam on the scoreboard…god, I love 1-1 ties going into the 13th inning..comes down to the bullpen..the BULLPEN..what kind of name is that for a bunch of guys sitting around waiting for a chance to make an impact in the game? I can see why its called that actually..all that that pitch occasionally hoping to god its their nite to rock someones world and strike out the side..the pen is where its at..all those warriors hoping for a chance to show their stuff..great pitching beats great hitting..or so they say....sometimes it just takes one bad pitch and the whole game is broken wide fucking open..the flood gates are opened, and’s a slugfest!..or the other side of the coin..the closer walks out to the mound..and strikes out all three, two,three..its home safely folks! The FOUL ball..the word itself is interesting..foul..something smelly, and disgusting..but guys can hit fouls off forever at the plate..only the first two count! It’s a battle then..when is the pitcher gonna toss the big fat one over the plate that either sits the guy down, or he pummels it over the fence for a homer! HOW IS THAT BORING? It keeps me on the edge of my seat for gods sake. And god forbid you commit an error..those babes can cost you a game..on both sides of the fence..take for instance the pitcher that BALKED in the winning run in the 14th way in hell I want to be him..the pain and agony he must of must have been billy buckner-esque…Carlton Fisk..i was walking behind Fenway Park when he hit THAT ball in the playoffs during the 70' was after 2am, and I had to work the next day..god was I pissed..i had to run all the way home to see what the hell happened..ever since that game..i NEVER leave a game till the last pitch is thrown..i guess I should end this tirade..but I love the game..more than anything else I can think of..the beauty of it all amazes me..its so damn good they should bottle the feeling of a hard fought win,where else do you find grown men jumping up and down like little boys all would beat everything they got in pill form! So..DO NOT TELL ME BASEBALL IS have no clue if you say don’t know what your missing. It’s the best of all worlds..its got drama, comedy, pain, has been a bonding experience for children and parents for over a hundred years! Every season..each team has a chance to excel and win the world series no matter how big or small their audience or payroll is..the marlins showed us that..twice even! The yanks with their HUGE payroll couldn’t get the clutch hit..the dodgers w/their payroll couldn’t even get in the playoffs for years! Its not about money all the time..its about heart..its about 20 guys all feeling they are the best team on the field that day inspite of some nimrod on the radio telling them they don’t have a snowballs chance in hell of winning it all..its about camraderie, and sucking it up and playing tomorrow even though you didn’t win today or yesterday or the day before that..and every day is another opportunity for a fantastic game that people will talk about for years..ya gotta love it..i do..

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Bruce said...

The proof that baseball is anything but boring lies in a handful of excellent pitching performances last night. Moose threw a shutout for the Yankee$, Boomer threw 7 innings of one hit ball for the Sawx, and Chris Carpenter threw a 95 pitch, one-hit gem for the Cards. Anyone who says baseball is boring has never sat down and really watched the game.

daisyduke said...

baseball's boring and i'm flat chested...WHATEVER