Sunday, June 26, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

Baseball News

The yank$ avoided their first ever sweep at the hands of the OTHER NY team the mets none other than Jason "roid boy" Giambi..hey..even a blind squirrel finds the occasional nut ya' lets start with the AL East..

The Boston Red Sox, john's favorite target, are now leading their division which by the way is the same division as the yank$..their lead is 3.5 games over the Orioles..poor birds..they have tanked horribly..but i warned you they were not for real sportsfans..

The AL Comedy Central is still being led by the Chicago White 9.5 games..they did lose to the Cubbies today, Prior took the mound for the cubbies after his second stint on the Disabled List this young season...

The AL West is still Angels territory. The Anaheim/LA/Cali boys swept the hated Dodgers this weekend..thanks boyz..i appreciated it..the Texas Rangers lost a little ground in their bid to take over first, they are now 6.5 games back. Good thing our girl Daisy is out of the country, her beloved Kenny Rogers got rocked this week. 2 of the 4 teams are still playing less than stellar baseball and are below .500 in wins..although the A's did sweep the Giants this weekend i think..

The National League East finds the Washington Gnats still in first but the Braves who are being led by that geriatric ol fart Bobby Cox have won 9 of their last 10 games and are closing in fast on the Nats and/or Gnats...maybe Bobby is taking the new experimental drug they are testing for alzheimers patients..we can only hope sportsfans..

The NL Comedy Central still has those birds in St. Louis on top, the Cardinals..this sucky division still has 4 of the 6 teams playing disgusting ball, under .500 which means my 21 year old neice can probably hit better than most of those overpaid fucktards on the Brewers, Pirates, Astros and Reds.

Last but certainly not least we have the NL West...Padres are still atop the division by a slim margin of 3.5 games over the Diamondbacks..the hated Dodgers are reeling from the cornholing they received at the hands of the Angels this weekend..sweeps are such fun when the dodgers are the team being swept...makes me just want to jump up and rub it in the ball and chains face soooooooo bad...but i wont..he's not feeling well this evening..

The All Star game will be held July 14th..the voting as usual is so far off base ..its a bigname vs. deserving player thing. Fans do not have a clue when it comes to voting for the teams in both divisions..they seem to go on name recognition only..thats the only way that fairy Mike Piazza could make it into the All Star game..he is SO NOT the best catcher for the National League this year..he isnt even close for gods sake..Carlos Beltran doesn't deserve a nod either but hes got the most votes so he's going..fucker..And Scott Rolen for the cards should be sitting at home watching too because he just spent like a freaking month on the DL..but NOOOOOO the fans voted his happy ass in also..the game is in an American League Park this year..and remember folks..this one is least it is according to that fucktard of mythic purportions..Buddy boy Selig..

We leave for home tomorrow morning..its been fun in Vegas for three days but I have to get home to the herd of animals currently taking my name in vain since my son is NOT giving them treats or canned food..evidently its way too much work to use the electric can opener...

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Jenn said...

I think I'm starting to like the Yanks because of you and John.

Chick said...

the yanks play The Birds next...look out...

Prior is due to get hurt again...poor guy.

What a great fan of the sport you seem to be. I'm an AL East girl myself...I tune in to the rest of it...but am not as plugged in as you are...I'm impressed.

All-Star voting sucks...what kind of fan votes for you play with your groin like THAT?!

I can't wait to hear how Vegas was...did you bet on baseball?...(I would have).

dusty said...

Viva los bosox...i bet a few games i knew were a cant miss, the ball and chain won on was a good trip except for the food..some reason the food sucked every where we went..

jenn..dont make me come to texas and slap you..a yank$$ fan? surely you jest:|

Rat In A Cage said...

Yeah, Jenn!! I'll protect you (like you need it), and I'll bitch slap any FUCKTARD BOSUCKS fan!

The important non mentioned stat is that Chicago is 26 games over .500%!

No one scaring that. The Yanks who admittedly are terible - are only 5.5 behind the defending Champs, er Chumps.

Jenn, I can get you a good Yankees shirt but I have to personally fit you to make sure it hangs properly.

Rat In A Cage said...

Also, Chick - The Yanks Tino Martinez leads 1st basemen & that is disgusting. He's hitting low .200s and has been terrible all year other than a hot two weeks in which he hit 12 homeruns.

I am fine with fan voting, just call it the fan favorite game, not all star.

dusty said...

Thank you john for including the info on the chisox..i certainly did not leave it out on purpose..they do have the best record in MLB.