Thursday, June 02, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

Baseball and other important things... is real slow when i have time to watch the National Spelling Bee..i shit you not..i really watched it this morning..i could of been working but hell..i went in around 11ish..only good thing about my job is that the hours are REALLY flexible..i can work anytime between 6am and midnight..anyways..i watched the NSB then went to work..

When i got home late back was killing me as usual...i attempted to eat a 16 oz bag of sour cream potato chips..and i dont even LIKE potato chips..

My padres were the nationally televised game tonight..i settled in to watch the "hottest" team in baseball at the moment play the other "hottest" team in baseball, the cubbies..who beat the ever-lovin shit outta my boyz..5-0..i get to see the padres maybe two or three times a month since i no longer live in San Diego..thanks you fuckers..really loved THAT game..but i did enjoy the game if for no other reason than it was MY boys on tv and they were playing at home..gratuitous shots of the san diego skyline at sunset ALWAYS make me smile.

Went through the twice daily ritual of medicating the feral kittens who actually are no longer feral..their mother still is..and frankly i think shes pissed that they perfer coming into the house than laying around the hot back of them a long haired calico has moved in..we called it bobbie until the realization hit me that most calicos are female..oh well..its still grown and formerly feral cat scooter loves bobbie and even lets him/her attempt to nurse..which is strange since scooter is a recently nuetered male..scooter gave him a full bath for 40 minutes to was a kodak moment so i broke out the digital camera..bobbie is only 5 maybe 6 weeks old and i am sure he misses his mom..he doesnt miss his siblings because he ignores them when they are inside for the daily medication times..bobbie also loves my dog sasha...follows her around like a little shadow..sasha could give a rat's ass bout bobbie..this doesnt seem to deter bobbie from pestering the hell out of sasha however..sasha is at least indifferent to bobbie..the fat old poodle nicky cant stand bobbie and lets him/her know every chance she gets..the old lab baby is patient w/bobbie and will on occasion give bobbie a big ol sloppy kiss plus lets bobbie snuggle up to her at night when its bedtime.

bobbie seems to have an aversion to the cat box..first cat i have ever had a problem with. this keeps us on high alert for possible kitten accidents and the ball and chain is none too happy about having to pay attention to anything other than the tv show he's watching. If bobbie makes a slight hesitant move someone is grabbing him/her and placing said cat in the cat box..which he will use if put there but he wont seek it out on his own. I have also noticed that he "squeeks" instead of meowing..

none of the above mentioned things are important in the overall scheme of life..but they are little pleasures that bring a smile to my tired face..they make my aching back ache a little less for the moment and thats a good thing. I would rather watch scooter bathe the kitten than watch the news. I would rather laugh at bobbie chasing sasha than get disgusted over the latest human death count in iraq, and i would rather watch the National Spelling Bee than go to work. I can't always do what i want..but when i feel i need a little escape from the reality of life i can always find it in the eyes of a kitten or the ecstacy of a child when they spell an impossible word correctly in front of god, their mom and the tv audience.

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Rat In A Cage said...

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daisyduke said...

rat, you're such a dork!
i was about to say, "now if that's not silver lining, i don't know what is"
but i had to laugh first...i never even heard of the damned bee winning word!

Bruce said...

Dan Patrick had the little kid that finished second(last yr's winner) on his radio show today to see if he could spell some sports names. The kid was game, but didn't come through on names like Krzyzewski and Fuamatu-Ma'afala, and Mientkiewicz(yes, I spelled then from memory).

dusty said...

Dan voiced the question yesterday on SportsCenter that they would NOT be able to spell Meintkewicz or Coach K's name..funny that he proved his point..