Saturday, June 18, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

100 things about moi you never knew and wish I wouldnt tell you..

Ok..i can not get this out of my head but i saw it on the Queen of Pink's goes..
1. I spent my youth railing against the government and the fed's have a nice dossier on me which I found out when I had to get a secret clearance.
2. I am the oldest of 5 siblings, only one is a male.
3.We moved every 3-5 years when I was a child, being a navy brat has its shortcomings.
4.I have been married 4 times, twice to the same imbecile.
5.I raised my son alone and I was glad about that fact.
6. Never tell me I can not do something cuz then I will for spite.
7.I was the project manager for several key government spy satellites.
8.I raised my brother and sisters because my mother was an alcoholic and my dad was out to sea for a year at a time.
9. I skipped a grade in elementary school.
10. I graduated high school at 16 and a half.
11. I have an degree in psychology and never used the fucker...EVER
12.I have lived on both coasts and find the east coasters are less tolerant than left coasters.
13.I love to sing when I drive.
14. I can't carry a tune to save my ass.
15. I dont care that I sound like a cow pissing on a flat rock when i sing.
16. I used to drop acid once a week for over a year period during my youth.
17. I am an excellent chess player.
18. I drove a stockcar for an entire season and never finished a race.
19. I didnt finish a race because the guys would put me into the wall at some point EVERY fucking race.
20. I have never lost a freeway race however.
21. I never pay my speeding tickets.
22. I drove for over 10 years without a legal drivers license.
23. I was arrested for taking part in the burning of the Bank of America in Isla Vista during the early 70's.
24. I harbored fugitives for the Weathermen during the same period of time.
25. I sometimes wish I was a natural blonde and thin..but i take a nap and the feeling goes away.
26. I had to learn to make dinner to feed my siblings when I was 7 years old.
27. I beat the shit out of my dad with a brass lamp when I was 15 cuz he started thumping on my mom.
28. I ran away over 20 times as a minor.
29. I got tired of being dragged back home so I became an emancipated minor at 17.
30. I have supported myself since I was 17.
31. Needless to say, I never really had a childhood, but I got over it...I think..
32. I gave my grandma marijuana when she was dying of cancer. She begged me for it.
33. I have driven cross country alone three times.
34. I can change a water pump, alternator and various other things on a car.
35. I never wanted a child, but I love my son more than anyone else in this world.
36. I wish said son would finally get out on his own and find out its tough to make it alone in this world.
37. I engineered taking my middle sisters kids away from her when we realized she was a meth addict.
38. I knocked my mother out on mothers day once. The woman just would NOT get off my ass, not to mention she was drunk as a skunk.
39. I taught my sisters to read and write before they went to kindergarden.
40. I have pointed a gun at someone AND pulled the trigger.Yes, it was loaded.
41. I have no problem sticking up for someone that is being hasseled unfairly.
42. I hate President Bush with every fiber of my being.
43. I worry about Global Warming and its consequences to the point that it makes me cry sometimes.
44. I love to watch the sunrise or the sunset over water.
45. I have seen the "green flash" once in my life while watching a sunset over the Pacific Ocean.
46. I want to live in Buda or Pest..doesnt matter which.
47. I want to visit Paris while I am still young enough to enjoy it.
48. I can ride a horse bareback and not fall off.
49. I cry when animals are abused.
50. I rescue alot of abused animals.
51. I have threatened to beat the shit out of grown men for abusing animals...TO THEIR FACE.
52. I quit a 60K a year job to waitress in a sportsbar.
53. I loved that job more than any job I have ever had.
54. I loved living in Boston more than any place I have ever lived.
55. I almost froze to death as a 5 year old when I dug a tunnel in the snow and fell asleep.
56. I went to over 10 schools as a child. We moved alot in the navy.
57. I used to run away to Haight-Ashbury alot in my teens.
58. I used to hitchhike to work every day when I was 17.
59. I ate a bottle of aspirin as a toddler. Jesus, what the fuck was i thinking?
60. I knocked my brother out with a sledgehammer when I was 11. I thought I had killed him.Thank god he had that cheap ass army helmet on.
61. I developed gangrene in my right shin as a child. I still have a round scar the size of a nickel.
62. I got 30 stitches in my right knee when I split the fucker open on a curb showing off how I could ride my bike without using my hands.
63. I rode a motorcycle to San Francisco on a dare once. I was living in Santa Barbara at the time. It was a Norton and boy did it suck.
64. I do not swallow, I spit.
65.I believe that for the MOST part, men are not emotionally equal to woman. We by far are the better sex.
66. George Bush is fucking moron and his time in hell will be long and painful.
67. I used to blast "Sympathy for the Devil" every Sunday morning when I lived behind a church and the parishoners were filing in for services.
68. I believe in God and I talk to him/her often. I do not however mince words and chew God's ass out on occasion.
69.I love music especially the blues.
70.I love professional sports and will watch Sportscenter over and over again like a retard.
71. I am NOT a morning person.
72. I usually live on roughly 4 hours sleep a nite..and not 4 hours together..basically I nap.
73. I like that I am a mouthy bitch.
74. I am lucky to have been a teenager of the 70's.Those WERE the days.
75. I am loyal to people that I care about, but if they fuck me over I will eat them alive.
76. I spend way too much time reading blogs but I cant help myself.
77. I get depressed and spend days in bed when my teams fall out of contention for the playoffs.
78. I stay married to a man that I love but for the wrong reasons.
79. I try to save the world and change the world. I know thats fruitless but I have to try.
80. I enjoy the company of people that I have never met. Online friendships are built on different levels and usually looks dont have a fucking thing to do with them,which is the way it should be in life.
81. I bitch, therefore I am.
82. I think life is a bowl of cherries but someone stuck a rotten one in my bowl..if I find that fucker I will beat his ass.
83. I had a friend die in my arms.
84. I love Skyy vodka but I dont drink it anymore.
85. I shower my animals with love and affection but I yell at them for stupid things like following me from room to room like a fucking caravan.
86. I love coming home to a doorway full of animals waiting to greet me.
87. I love that Sasha talks to me when I come home from a long trip.Sasha is a dog folks and she grumbles, or growls.
88. I hate that life is unfair.
89. I respect my husband for putting up with me. The man should be sainted.
90. I want our troops out of IRAQ now.
91. I wish I could mellow out a little.
92. I have two blown discs in my lower back and I refuse to let them be fixed which means I am risking paralysis if I sneeze wrong while tying my shoes.
93. I was told this over 20 years ago about my back..I like to play the odds evidently.
94. I scream at slow elderly drivers in the fast lane.
95. I am always amazed at the ignorance of some people.
96. I feel that God is in everyone of us..its just that some people are drowning out his/hers advice to the detrement of the rest of the population.
97. I think Sadaam Hussien should be corn-holed by everyone whos ever been fucked over by him.
98. I think the same thing about George Bush.
99. I think I am tired of writing this shit.
100. I think NO ONE in their right mind is gonna read this whole fucking list of worthless blather.

13 people gave us their .02 cents:

Rat In A Cage said...

I read it all and:

1. WOW
2. I will not mess with you anymore
3. There is no way I am typing that much

dusty said...

john..i love that you mess w/me..dont stop please..your one of the few men that will stand up to me..its comforting..i dont know why the hell it comforts me but it does..actually i do know why..the psych degree comes in handy on occasion.

dusty said...

You write almost as much shit about your beloved yanks..just save the post and add on it till its done ya dipshit..dont do it all in one friggin live with them..cant kill them..

John Q. Public esq. said...

read I did dear lady, read I did,

I sometimes wish I was a natural blonde and thin..but i take a nap and the feeling goes away.

I loved that one...

I used to have a Norton

I have gotten busted for fighting the good fight

I see why we get along so well,
oh and have you tryed my soup yet?


Bruce said...

I can't believe I'm not in your top 100....and you're right about us east coasters. My tolerance is lower than the elevation above sea level in my city(8 ft. above, btw).

Bruce said...

Oh yeah..there aren't 100 things in my life worth chronicling or talking about. Hell, there aren't 10 things worth talking about.

Rat In A Cage said...

Speaking of the East Coast thing, I guess that's why the prevalent idiocy here in LA is so hard to tolerate. There is more of a Darwinism in the east & the stupid or weak seem to perish and vanish.

Out here, the idiots flourish & grow with all the sunshine.

Queen Of Pink said...

Ha ha, I read it. All of it. So there.


Laurie said...

Fucking John

Always badmouthing me

Oh and I love to learn 100 thing about people. Esp when they involve sledgehammers.

Leslie said...

I'm not in my right mind, then, because I read the whole damn thang.

Bruce said...

Ok, after your comment to me yesterday, here are 10 things about my life:

1. I was born with cerebral palsy, and no, I'm not mentally impaired(I think).
2. I have a speech impediment
3. As a result, I was a virgin until late in life. women just didn't find me attractive enough or were turned off by my "disability". Fuck 'em; they don't know what they missed.
4. I am obssessed with the St. Louis Cardinals. I eat, sleep, and breathe them 24/7
5. I bawl like a baby every time I see my sister perform in a play.
6. My last three "relationships" are all online-related.
7. I have a BS in Psychology and a Master's in Special Ed.
8. I have used my education in the workplace for a total of 3 years. Other than that, all my jobs have been entry-level menial types.
9. I'm a slob, and don't apologize for it.
10. I'm extremely sensitive, and therefore, have been an emotional wreck for most of my life.

There ya go, Boo. 10 things about me you didn't really need to know.

Melanie said...

Oh I read it alright. That was the best one I've EVER read. Really!! You are one tough bitch!! I want you on my team.

daisyduke said...

you forgot to put that you have a heart of gold and harbor faith like a child...maybe those are top secret and you didn't want anyone to sue me!