Thursday, June 02, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

The Mayor's race in San Diego..what a collection of folks we got here..

San Diego's mayor,Dick Murphy quit recently..he says it was because of the magazine article that listed him as one of the worst mayors in the U.S....i say its because he has something to hide regarding the scandal regarding the city retirement fund. Bear in mind he "lost" the election in September to a write in, Donna Frye. Her win was overturned in court by Dick supporters...a majority of folks forgot to color in the damn dot and just wrote her name on the ballot..a faux paux that cost her the election.

Anyways..15 freaks submitted the 200 signatures needed to be considered for the election to be held July 26th. Now i am sure not all of them are freaks.. but i am sure that i could of gotten 200 signatures if i had merely sat outside my favorite Ocean Beach watering hole on a Friday and Saturday evening..the signatures will be verified of course prior to entering their names on the ballot.

San Diego is our nations 7th largest city. The woman, Frye, that won in september owns a surfboard shop and is currently on the board of supervisors. She ran a nice little campaign, stating that there is a veil of secrecy in City Hall and she wants everything done in public so we can avoid more messes like the pension fund fiasco which is now being investigated by the fed's..she had virtually no campaign funds and i swear to god she looks like an old hippie..i say this with pride since i too am an old hippie..her other big campaign shout was about the horrid state of the beaches in san diego..they are constantly being closed for sewage spills on a daily basis..she wants clean water..hey..dont we all?

Other leading candidates are Jerry Sanders, a Republican former police chief, and Steve Francis, a Republican businessman who has already pledged $500,000 of his own money. Nearly three dozen people had obtained nomination papers before the filing deadline at 5 p.m. PDT Friday, including a local Libertarian Party leader, a parking attendant, a bartender and a Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealer. Francis is a rich bastard whose war cry is about potholes..jesus christ..potholes..thats the best he can come up with?

Also filing for mayor on Friday was attorney Pat Shea, who helped guide Orange County out of its bankruptcy a decade ago. A former chairman of the Convention Center Corporation and ballpark task force, Shea is married to Diann Shipione, the whistleblower on the city's retirement board who left office March 31.
Six former members of the retirement board have been charged with felony conflict-of-interest in voting to keep shortchanging the system in return for increased benefits. Gee..thats a surprize..self interest in a government employee?

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Rat In A Cage said...

I'll vote for Shea - sounds like a good Irish lad. I know I cannot. Just didn't have much to add on the story. Clean up the water though so if I come down to skinnt dip I don't get tangled up in nuclear waste seaweed.

BLOGBANK said...

Last night I spent an hour or so talking with Jerry Sanders and found him to be a solid individual with a clear vision for the future of San Diego. I am impressed, wrote his campaign a check and will vote for him.