Wednesday, March 01, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Frank Thomas, the Big Hurt, gets bitch slapped.

Why is it that when athletes leave a team after a long stay, they bad-mouth their former team. Why can't they act like they have a little class? Perhaps they fall into the traps set for them by some of those nasty media types looking for a story. Teams never talk shit about players they don't re-sign or trade for a bag of balls.

The Chi-Sox GM really stuck it to Frank when asked about some public whining the Big Hurt had done after his contract was bought out in the off season for a paltry..cough..3.5 million. Kenny Williams called Frank an "Idiot" and also mentioned that the owner of the Sox, Jerry Reinsdorf loaned Frank some cash at one point during his career when he was making decent coin. He really let it fly when he mentioned that not one player or employee in Chi-town missed ol Frank.

The GM also said Frank should be a man and call him if he had "issues"..I agree.

So Frank called him yesterday. He said they got some things straightened out but wouldn't elaborate....he also said they wouldn't be on each others Christmas card list. Then Frank changed the subject and for once kept his yap shut.

How did that crow taste Frank?

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An80sNut said...

I think that I avoid watching sports news just because the words coming out of their mouths are worthless compared to their actions. It makes me long for players that are low key.

IT-Chick said...

I have found watching the "sports channel" on mute with classic rock playing is stress freeing. But, see.. I am a sports idiot. So you learn nothing by doing this. But, golly it is funny!

Hat tip... Aerosmith.."Sweet Emotion" & a few others I might mix a sports CD and send it off to Dustilicious

IT-Chick said...

THATS IT! We can market it Dustilicious! then we can make tons of bucks! motorcycle across the US doing a marketing tour and blog about it! What a freaking hit! IN-FRICKING-DEED!
The conservative and the liberal agree on one thing oh! the election year propaganda fluff think of it! OMG! The strategy! Dustilicioous!!!! What do you say? A baseball one, a football one, a soccer one, a hockey one. a basketball one, a sportscenter one. oh the humanity!

Bruce said...

Kudos to Williams for speaking his mind. Frank Thomas is, and always has been, a big crybaby. His surliness ranks just a notch below that of Mr. Balco's, IMO.

Kurt said...

there was a time when Frank Thomas was well regarded for his hitting. Injuries and the realization that playing for the White Sox probably meant not playing for a title have helped turn him into another selfish man padding his stats (can you say ARod?). And then, to top it off, they win WITHOUT him!
I'm thinking he wants a little mustard on that crow...

dusty said...

IT-Chicklet..I am with ya babe..lets do it!

Kurt..I love that they won without him..really I do. They are all expendable, they just dont know it.

Yes B..I am glad he spoke was beautimous to see on SC the other night.