Friday, March 24, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Jeez..if the Cinncy Reds don't suck enough already..

Those poor freaks will have The Prez..yes, that President...toss out the first pitch at their opening day festivities..

I mean, come on..his approval rating is lower than a dog-catchers, the man can't make a complete sentence and now this? I fear nothing good will come out of this for the Reds. Its bad luck to have a dipshit toss out your first pitch for the doesn't bode well for them..

I won't be drafting any Reds at monday's fantasy baseball draft.

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Kurt said...

more dead in Ohio....
NPR mentioned the low approval rating for the Prez in this key "red" state earlier this week. seems to be directly tied to the increasing number of dead bodies coming back from Iraq.
the thing is, W doesn't really bother me himself. he is probably a pretty good guy to have a beer with; he'd probably even pay. but it is all those power hugnry blood suckers that ponied up to the trough for the second helping that was denied them when daddy lost - they piss me off.

Bruce said...

THAT'S why the Cardinals didn't get to the Series last year; Dubya threw out the first pitch..

Anonymous said...

Republicans make little babies cry. Maybe they should form a political action group and retaliate.

dusty said...

Yes B..that is why the Cards messed up last year dear :P

Kurt..too many dead soldiers for every state..enough already!

Doc..they got enough PAC's sweetie..whats one more?

Drew said...

Thank f*n God I'm an Indians fan!