Saturday, March 04, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

All I wanted was a friggin Pizza.

Its been tough lately at my humble abode..the ball and chain has found out he DOES have something wrong w/him..jesus, if you look long enough WE all got something wrong w/us!

He's got a nice lil arterial blockage..comes from living a life of excess I think..but hell, don't most of us eat,drink and smoke too much? And not exercise enough..or in some cases,like all?

Doc #2 wants to do an angiogram..I said great, when ya getting it..

The b&c said he wasn't..I asked if perhaps he had a death wish or was just tired of my shit and wanted to see what the other side was like.

Fast forward to this evening..its fucking raining..real rain, not the drizzle shit we usually get. I worked a long day into evening. I was tired, my joints hurt like hell from the cold and damp. I was gonna get my usual for dinner..a take and bake pizza..damn if they werent out of them at the local grocery store I was working big I will go two doors down to Pizza-Hut....big fucking mistake sportsfans..big..huge..sad.

At 9:30 pm I finished up the store and walked over IN THE RAIN to Pizza hut. I didn't realize that a business could be run by 18 year olds..rude, snotty 18 year olds. They must figure they have a captive fucking bunch of consumers to risk pissing off people with these dipshits running the franchise on a friday night.

Dipshit#1 takes my order. Real sweetie..doesnt smile or address me other to bark commands at me and enter my responses into her computer/register. When she gets to my phone number I say its unlisted..well, it is..she saids..very loudly..I NEED YOUR PHONE NUMBER TO PROCESS THE ORDER. So I was taken aback, but not far enough back apparently so I gave her an obviously fake phone number..222-1234. She glared at me..I smiled back.

She then asked for my name..I said, without missing a beat..Marvin. I don't think I, a female, look anything like a I hope my humor wasn't lost on her...apparently she doesn't have a sense of humor.

She looks over at her boss and says.."Can I clock out now?"..and the boss, who is all of..19 maybe says..Sure.

The dipshit#1 turns on her heel and walks away from the register..Bitch hasn't askd for shes not done w/my order.. I wait about a minute..see her walk out the door and start to get nasty on dipshit#2, the manager..EXCUSE ME..your employee, who by the way has the customer service acumen of a SHITHOUSE mouse didnt' finish taking my order..who's turn is it to finish the damn job?

She slides over, takes my credit card and gives me a short but totally heartfelt(my ass) "sorry, I didn;t know she didn't finish." I ask when the pizza will be ready to travel..she says..20 minutes..

I repeat the time..she says thats the standard time..I only takes 8 fucking minutes to cook the damn thing..why so long? She smiles and walks answer..BITCH!..but I didn't say it out loud..I just thought it very LOUDLY..

Dipshit #3 goes.."how do you know how long it takes, you work here before?" I say fuck no..I make them at home..and its not rocket science for gods sake.

I waited 30 minutes for that pizza..found out I came at the wrong time..BREAK TIME FOR THE KIDDIES running the place..god forbid the customers, who's purchases pay their slimy little ass'es, can whistle dixie, stand on their heads and spit nickles..nothing comes before the entire stores fucking break..nothing..dipshit#3 sat next to me whilst on her break..and bitched about being on her feet for four hours..I told her I had been on mine for 9..and I was old and my back was killing me..she could just shut the fuck up and make my pizza...she did get up and check on it..

Like I said..customer service was on the basement level and apparently its the norm. God I love Oildale's Pizza Hut..

NOT! and I wont go time I might get a tad loud and get tossed...can't have that...I might run for office some

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CoffeeBigPlz said...

Sorry. It does suck. I know your pain. Mine usually involves not getting coffee the way I ordered it though. I don't eat a lot, but I can slam the java juice!

Bruce said...

Are you sure you didn't hit the DMV by mistake?

dusty said...

It shouldn't suck is my point. We are patient and polite to them. We should be able to expect the minimum amout of decorum for the product or service we are purchasing. The transaction should be performed with the utmost satisfaction on both ends..they get my hard earned money I get what I paid for without a pound of flesh or a headache out of the damn deal.

LMAO B..I think I need to be checked for high blood pressure..I swear to god.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I hope your hub fixes the problem.

As for dipshit restaurant workers, I'v always found the Tech-9 works nice, although sometimes to get your point around you might want to right to the AK-47 and yell a bunch of nonsensical stuff about the government.

Homeland Security should have a new expansion bureau, something like "Dipshit Department of Justice" which handles these things.

Laura said...

OMG, after the worst customer service phone call yesterday, I blogged about this too, although mine wasn't nearly as fun. I just do not get that people in the service industry don't get that their job is to HELP us. Urggh!

Anonymous said...

A prime example of The new dumb! We have become a nation of Pizza Hut dipshits and Hollywood video clerks and to think those little bastards are supposed to be running the country in another 20 years. god save us.

Some little mongoloid at hollywood video told me last night "your the man." I wanted to slap the taste out of his mouth and tell him your goddamn right I'm a man and your not. That was his sarcastic thank you for my patronage of their crappy video store. Heaven forbid one of the maggots ever says thank you come again they expect to be thanked and then they tell you the customer your welcome, whats up with that. After that 19 year old told me that I think my eyes went cross I was so pissed I'll never go there again.

scarysquirrelman said...

when dipshit #3 asked you if you worked there before you should have said "yeah. and i closed the backroom door before i spit on the condiments!"
glad you're getting to go to the Rogue. i'll be down there for the second weekend. give marcel a BIG hug. he deserves and needs it.