Friday, March 10, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Wind, rain, snow,

They have closed the highways going east or west out of town..which doesn't bother me..I am not going over the mountains anytime this weekend. I am however going north to Fresno for the Rogue Festival. The San Joaquin Valley is ringed by mountains which are covered with a dusting of snow. The snow level is supposed to drop to 1800 feet this evening.Right 8am the temperature is a balmy 42 degrees here on the Valley matter how you look at it..thats friggin cold sportsfans. Kiddies are getting a snow day..something most of them don't see often here in Southern Cali.And wtf is a snow chain? Do people actually own those things and know how to put them on your tires? They are getting ready to close I-5 going south into Hell-A, so we here in the valley will be locked in tight very soon. Christ, they just said Taft has snowflakes..Taft is on the Valley floor..this could get nasty folks.

Good thing I am not planning to go to Las Vegas..the road is closed...wouldn't THAT piss ya off.

The Rogue Festival is the brainchild of Marcel Nunis, a teacher in Fresno and a fellow blogger. Its known as a "fringe festival". I heard it explained as collection of artists and performances outside the normal comfort zone of entertainment. If you click on the link and check out the website, you can see that it is off the beaten path. There are 13 venues for this festival, so I think I really need to plan what I want to see Saturday, although it is held in whats known as the "Tower District" in Fresno. There are films, standup comedy, plays..a plethora of acts to entertain and amaze you.

I can't wait. But I gotta work have a great weekend..stay warm.

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CoffeeBigPlz said...

Sounds cool.
I am on my way.
Just kidding.
Special post just for you on me site... talk about sports and weather.